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Private label manufacturing

The importance of product samples for private label clients

private label product samples

At Ene Naturals, we take our private label clients very seriously which is why our certified formulator puts a lot of care and attention into details and formulation that meets the needs of the client’s target market. Our private label process is very transparent and allows the client to be in control of what is put into their products. We understand that many startups and small business owners might not have the professional skill to create organic skincare or hair care products, which is why our certified formulator works hand in hand with them. We always like to know:

  1. The purpose for which the products are being made.
  2. The target audience or market
  3. Star ingredients that you would like to build the products around.
  4. Packaging and aesthetics to match the brand’s image and identity.

Once our clients are well informed about the kinds of ingredients that we intend to put into their products and the purposes they serve and we are given the go ahead to create these products, we start by creating product samples for our clients.

Why are product samples important for private label?

To start with, our clients are scattered across the world and cannot come physically to us to see and “feel” their products so by creating product samples, they can see, feel the texture of the products, smell it, touch it and test it for its efficacy. Once the client is happy with the sample, then we can go ahead to manufacture. It is important to us that our clients buy these product samples because your expectation for the products and the actual product may be poles apart so by trying out the products before hand, it allows you to understand the product and connect with it. Basically, it brings your dreams to reality.

What happens when you want some changes to the samples? We tweak the formula again to meet the client’s needs until satisfied. We are a patient team of experts whose main job is so satisfy our clients. This is why we insist that the client pays for such samples even when they are adamant and want to go right ahead for full bulk production.

You can trust us to be transparent and to create products that are ethical and meet your clients’ needs.

Ene Naturals

Natural skin care and hair care brand for African skin and hair, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable business practices.

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