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  • How to tie stylish small gele

    Hi guys, Small geles are not for everyone as not all women love big and flamboyant geles. This YouTube tutorial teaches you how to tie a long and lengthy Gele and turn it into a small and cute stylish one. If you have questions, please leave a comment.   cheers

  • Style guide to Bridal Gele

    Hi guys, This is the final in the series of Gele tutorial videos I have been uploading. This is your classic Gele style for brides. It is an elegant one, but easy to style. I have had fun styling with Gele and I am still experimenting so when the next idea hits, you can be…

  • Gele tutorial

    Hi guys, So my love for Gele continues with this video. I so love tying Gele because it is an expression of my cultural heritage; it is my crown as a woman and is one of those aspects of my culture that stands out as a Nigerian. My techniques for tying Gele is easy, simple,…

  • Stylish Gele Video Tutorial

    Hi guys, Am still posting about Gele. I have three styles I chose to share with you guys so this is the second video and I will be uploading the third soon.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQpPvePE28U&feature=youtu.be]

  • Gele Tying Tutorial: Simple but Stylish

    Hi Guys, I decided to share this simple yet stylish style of Gele with you. This style comes handy when the Gele fabric is small. The style is manageable, no – fuss and easy to tie. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhoHvzpIZ44]

  • Style guide to tying Gele – The Flamboyant & bridal style

    Hi guys, How you doin’? Am actually feeling fantastic, even though work load a bit much. I have been inspired by the increasing number of visits this blog receives for the pictorial tutorial on how to tie Gele that I decided to include more styles. This Gele style is big, flamboyant and one of the…

  • New styles guide to tying Nigerian traditional head tie (gele)

    For we Nigerian women, the gele (head tie) is our crown and a reflection of our personality. This means that the head tie functions the same way as any fashion accessory as such, you should not settle for the traditional way of tying your gele – explore new and creative ways of tying this age…

  • How to tie head-tie with Nigerian traditional wedding makeup

    No Nigerian traditional wedding is ever complete without the perfect head tie known as ‘Gele’ which is our crown as African women. Traditional weddings in Nigeria are elaborate social events with huge number of guests, pageantry and fanfare. Likewise the bridal makeup for traditional weddings are bold, vibrant and dramatic to blend with our vibrant…


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