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Shipping Policy


Shipping cost is calculated per kilo (that is per 1000 grams) which is why we use weight-based shipping. The shipping cost remains the same for purchase under 2 kilograms or 2000 grams. Our shipping cost is determined by DHL rates for both local and international shipping.
For our bulk customers who buy products exceeding 10 kilograms of weight, we do not use DHL but freight shippers who offer far cheaper rates, of which is dependent on destination.


For local shipping within Nigeria, it takes an estimated 3-5 working days (of which weekends are not inclusive) for delivery to your doorstep because it takes 1-2 days handling time of which shippers have to pick up the package from us and then register the package before shipping to you.
For international destinations, shipping takes 7 working days of which weekends are not inclusive. For bulk customers for whom we use freight agents, delivery takes between 2-3 weeks and sometimes less, depending on destination.


Please note that for packages shipped in boxes, of which is the case with all of my packages, delays may occur to PO boxes addresses due to weight restrictions or due to shipper policy to not deliver to PO Boxes addresses so it is advised to use addresses that makes it easier for shippers to deliver packages without delays.


Purchases made at Ene Naturals are subject to  a destination contract, as such, Ene Naturals is not responsible for any loss or damage to your goods during transit and after delivery.


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