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Home remedy for pimples

Don't pop that zit because it can be dangerous. Zits wrongly popped lead to blackheads so rather than popping zits, here are a few tips to treating pimples.

1. Pimples are a sign of stress so rather than popping the zit, give your body a well deserved rest.

2. Pimples are a sign of poor nutrition so eat leafy, green vegetables and fruits like oranges that are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants that get rid of free radicals like pimples.

3. Pimples can also be caused by poor hygiene so rather than share your makeup tools with other people, wash your beauty tools like sponges and brushes regularly. If possible, use only disposables.

4. Pimples are also caused by hormonal imbalances which is why zits are expected during a woman's monthly period.

So rather than popping that zit, get an orange from your kitchen like I do.

This easy homemade facial
Cleanser recipe for treating pimples is easy and effective. Simply get an orange, squeeze out some juice into a bowl – you don't need more than 1 tablespoonful of orange juice. Soak it in a cotton pad or cotton wool and gently apply on the pimples or the area of skin where pimples are dominant. Allow the orange juice to dry on the pimples for a few minutes and rinse off. Orange is anti-oxidant rich that helps fight pimples and acne as well as brighten the skin. The juice will also help to dry out the pus substance in the zit.

Do try to be patient with the treatment of pimples and refrain from touching them to avoid infecting your skin some more with your non-sanitized fingers.

Tell me, do you have other home remedies for treating pimples that you would like to share?


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Introducing the highly nutritive organic baby food: battling low nutrition in babies

organic baby food, organic multi cereals baby food, organic baby food nigeria,

For nearly ten years, I have abstained from feeding my kids with heavily processed foods and foods that have been stripped of its natural qualities like baby cereal. Though fancy the packaging, I have always been more interested in the quality of foods that I feed my kids especially at the weaning stage when my kids turned 6 months and needed to be introduced to cereal meals. I remember being advised by those around me to introduce my baby to pap, which is a cereal gruel for babies and adults alike but after haven raised by a mother who taught me the importance of fibers and eating whole grains, I found pap very distasteful.

And here is why: Pap is a cereal gruel made from maize, millet or guinea corn (sorghum) and while it is good that it passes through a stage of fermentation, which is important in baby foods to enhance the nutritive value of food, it is also distasteful that the natural fiber of these whole grains are sifted and discarded, leaving the baby to eat only the whitish remains of the grains. The best part of the grain, which is the natural fiber found in the brown outer shell is usually discarded in the desire to have a very smooth paste that would not irritate the child.

Sadly, giving a child pap to drink is like giving the child nothing at all because pap is “characterized by low protein, low energy density, and high bulk…” (Onofiok & Nnanyelugo), which both authors studied to be responsible for malnutrition in children during the weaning period.

knowing this, I created a recipe that has stood the test of time! – Ene Naturals organic baby food.

organic baby food, organic multi cereals baby food, organic baby food nigeria,


How is this different from other baby food?

My recipe is made from hundred percent organic whole grains sourced from local farmers within Nigeria; the organic baby food is made free of added sugars, free of preservatives and free of additives. The process of making this organic baby food includes retaining every fiber in the grain and making the food from 100 percent whole grains – we throw nothing away! It also passes through a process of fermentation which “enhances the nutritive value of food by increasing thiamine, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, and perhaps protein content as a result of microbial activity” (Onofiok & Nnanyelugo). 



The organic baby food is also made with peanuts (groundnut) and sweet potatoes to further improve the nutritive value of the food. Because wet milling, as the case with pap, reduces the nutritional value of baby foods like pap, our organic baby food is milled dry and packed in powders. As such, the food is nutrient rich in energy, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, trace fat, Omega 3 & 6, protein, Vitamin A, B6, B1, B3, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc.

We have adopted simple packaging… 

In our bid to stay organic, we have adopted simple packaging, which also helps to keep the price low and affordable as well.

organic powder cereal, high nutrient organic baby food


At the moment, we have three variants of the Ene Naturals organic baby food:

  1. Millet, guinea corn (sorghum) and wheat
  2. Maize meal
  3. Brown rice and millet, which is gluten free 


We officially launched the baby foods last week and we are already selling and shipping out!


To order for any of these products, please visit the online Shop on this site! If you have questions or comments, please leave one below.


P.S. Check out (Onofiok & Nnanyelugo)’s article here:

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Summer Natural Skincare Training

summer natural skincare training eflyer

We are so excited about our upcoming Summer Natural Skincare training for teens and pre-teens. We are opening the class to kids from age 9 to 18 and our programme include teaching the kids how to make:

  1. Moisturizing lotion
  2. Moisturizing soap
  3. Lip gloss
  4. Body spray
  5. and Face cream

This class will also teach the kids about product packaging, brand marketing and using the social media to market their products.

THE FEE: 50,000 Naira, which will include all materials.

Though this class is a two-week programme, we will be providing after training support for our young entrepreneurs by creating a WhatsApp group to monitor their progress and provided necessary support.

We are also looking beyond the class because our goal is to create young entrepreneurs and not just to impart knowledge but that they follow through with the skills acquired to create their own brand. We will provide all the necessary support including creating blogs and websites for our young entrepreneurs.

This class will take place in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria so if you are an interested parent, please fill out the form below on behalf of your child. We will contact you to provide any information that you may require and to provide you with payment options.


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Friends from College binge watch

Netflix show

Talk about binge watching on Netflix. So I started watching Friends from College today and couldn’t leave my seat! I was so hooked! So I finished all eight episodes all at once 😀

This show is funny, it is so real and brilliantly written. It just shows how life really is. The show started with enthusiastic  and happy old college friends wrapped up in their college past and simply happy to relieve the past in the present. I like the way the story unravels to depict the realities surrounding the characters and how life brought them to different unpleasant junctures. 

The cast was fantastic and the chemistry was so real. Am actually looking forward to subsequent season.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. It’s great for a pleasant lazy day cozying up on the sofa to a glass of Chardonnay 😉

Cheers 🍻 

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Why we are a bespoke natural skincare brand

So we create and stock a wide variety of natural skincare products for all different skin types and skin concerns; but we are heavily bespoke because the process of interacting with clients through free consultation and customizing unique products tailored to a client’s individual needs have actually helped us grow and expand pretty fast. Every client wants to be given that personal touch that is lacking in our fast-paced markets and especially in the area of skincare where clients have different skin types and skin concerns like allergies and what is tolerable.

Our bespoke natural skincare services begin with free consultation which allows us to gather information about the client’s past skincare regime, allergies if any and much more. At the end of the consultation, either we recommend one of our generic products or we customize. What I personally find interesting is that clients want the best for their skin and are happy when you meet their satisfaction.

Customizing skincare products sometimes can involve tweaking the ingredients in a generic product to suit the individual needs of a client or to create a brand new product entirely. Sometimes it is about changing the texture and packaging of our products. Take this one below for an example:

Ene Naturals, alpha Arbutin lotion, natural skincare brand nigeria
This product originally is a lotion in a jar and while the client loved the goodness that this product provides, she does not like lotions. So she had us change the texture from a light weight lotion to a much thicker cream in a tub.

Collagen lotion, anti aging soap and lotion, ene Naturals Collagen plus
Similarly, these two above have been tweaked as well. The Collagen+ Lightening anti aging soap originally comes in a tub and is made with goat milk while the cream is usually packaged in a smaller tub and made with goat milk as well. For this client, we switched the goat milk for pure coconut milk, changed some ingredients; packaged the soap in a 500ml jar rather than a 250ml tub while the cream was packaged in a 250ml tub rather than in a 100ml tub.

Bespoke services can be challenging but very exciting and positively challenging because your goal is a happy customer.

At Ene Naturals, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal so if you want our bespoke services, contact us today for free consultation.


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Looking beyond the problem

Today was pretty much a tough day for me because it began with thunderous rain, which started to fall in the early hours of the morning which meant that by the time I got my kids ready for school, every where was flooded with large pools of water. Flooding is very peculiar to Lagos State where I live so usually when it rains non-stop like it has been doing over the past couple of days, it meant it could ground activities to a halt. In setting a good example for my kids to never quit or use weather conditions as excuses to not get things done, we braved the rain and the flood and went to school.

On my way out of the estate in which my kids’ school resided, I hit a sharp object in the water and immediately I could sense that I had burst my tyre as I saw a gush of air escape through the water. I managed to wade through the water and got to the express way only to find no help at all. Though I kept my cool, I was worried as I had left my nine-month-old baby asleep in the house with my husband who was meant to be getting prepared to leave for work. so in my can-do spirit, I decided that I would change my tyre by myself in the rain. By the time I got my tools out of the car, I realized that I had no idea how to release the spare tyre which was suspended underneath the SUV. Still not panicking, I resort to praying because I needed to go home. I prayed to God to send me helpers because I needed help that badly.

I wasn’t on my own for too long until two men braved the rain to help me with the tyre. I was so relieved. And as I drove home, I couldn’t help but say ‘Thank you God’ for the experience because my faith in humanity was renewed. I guess when you hear bad news in the media about stranded people getting mugged and all that nasty and scary news, you begin to think that everyone you meet is an assailant just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on you. It is scary, I must say but my faith in humanity was renewed today that two completely strange men who didn’t even know each other chose to help a stranger like me. It was an awesome experience.

I also was optimistic about my experience because in all honesty, I didn’t know how to change my car tyre and I kept nagging myself and asking myself what I would have done if this had happened in a deserted place. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn about the tools that I had in the car because those two patient gentlemen showed me what the tools were meant for and of course, what I had to do to release my suspended spare tyre from underneath the car. The experience also strengthen my faith in God as well because I was so helpless.

I guess for me, I have learnt to look beyond my problems and challenges; to see the blessings and the opportunity. I am annoyingly optimistic, I must say but I guess that has helped me over the years to stay positive and never to be panicky or to take things for granted. You know, after my experience, I realized that I could help others so I quickly sent messages to the parents and teachers in our Whatsapp group to be cautious in the water as they navigated their vehicles to and fro school.

I know that challenges can be frustrating but they are there to teach us lessons, to make us wiser and to improve the quality of our decision making. Rather than dwelling on the problem and its frustrations, try to keep a cool head and dwell rather on the gains [I know it is tough].



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The joy of processing organic turmeric

Shredded raw turmeric, processing fresh turmeric
From raw turmeric to shredded bits

I have a penchant for wanting to control the sourcing of all natural ingredients used in my natural skincare products. As a natural skincare brand, being sincere through and through in the quality of ingredients I use is very important to me and the reason why my brand is consistently rising at a healthy pace.

In the regard, I went to a turmeric farm to source fresh turmeric myself. I went through the rigors of sorting, cleaning, washing, shredding, drying, milling and packaging just because I wanted to give my clients the best natural products or ingredients that they deserve. The process of making turmeric powder is rigorous but I am happy with the final result.

Turmeric powder
Organically sourced turmeric

Turmeric powder is great for the skin, hair and general health. I use turmeric with warm water and honey to treat cough as well as use it in cooking. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties so it helps reduce scarring, wrinkles, acne, rash and other skin issues. It can be used as an exfoliator (scrub), cleanser and mask.

You can purchase this product online from the organic store on this website.

Delivery available within Nigeria and world wide.

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Orange is my thang: MAC So Chaud lipstick review

So, orange is one of the colors that I adore because it uplifts my mood and brighten me up any time. So when I went shopping for MAC lipsticks, I bought So Chaud, which is a bright orange matte lipstick that feels creamy on application but remains matte all day. This lipstick is so long lasting that it can withstand food and drinks and still be stubborn to take off at bedtime.

It doesn’t leave your lips dry like most matte lipsticks but maintains a soft shine the entire day.

Orange matte lipstick
Loving this lipstick right now because with such strong lips, a nearly-bare face is just about right. This lipstick is worth having.

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MAC matte Stone Lipstick review

I recently purchased a set of MAC lipsticks recently and the matte Stone is my favorite for its taupe shade that is soft yet unmissable. I love dark lips and sometimes, dark lipsticks can appear too strong especially during the day so this MAC matte Stone is perfect – it’s a nude taupe that is like a softer, “mellow -down” dark lipstick that is so beautiful to wear. And I must say that it lasts all day long!

MAC matte Stone
Nigerian makeup with gele, Nigerian jewelry design
The lipstick on me; perfect with Nigerian traditional dressing & beautiful Jewelry by Ola

This lipstick might be matte but the texture isn’t like other matte lipsticks that are dry. Rather, this one feels soft and moisturizing to touch and when applied, it doesn’t feel dry at all. While I had the lipstick on, I ate, drank and put the lipstick to test all through the day. I was pleased to find that the lipstick was still on. And before bed, I had to use makeup remover to wipe it off as just mere water wouldn’t do the job.

My verdict? I will give this lipstick 4.5 out of 5. I love it so much. 

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Burnt out? How to overcome it

I haven’t published a post in a long time because I was completely burnt out, fatigued and unable to do just about anything. Being a full time mum slash business woman who runs her businesses from home, I experienced complete and total short down and was unable to run my business or my household. It felt as though my brain had fried! I couldn’t use my brain and neither could I use my muscles. My head ached from a migraine that had taken up space in my brain and swallowed the creativity and fire that my brain possessed. I was so weak that I collapsed. As I lay in bed for days – finally getting the sleep that I deserved – I visualized all the business activities that I was meant to be engaged in and all the household chores and responsibilities that needed to be taken care of – but alas – it was mere visuals because I couldn’t even lift my arm to support myself.

Image courtesy:

I knew that I had over exerted myself. And this is true of so many people who over-work themselves and even having to bend backwards to please other people. You must know when to hit the PAUSE button before you collapse.

Based on my experience, here are a few TIPS TO OVERCOMING BURN-OUT

1. Take time to rest. Rest is very important because when our body is relaxed, positive juices flow out of us so we are healthy mentally and physically. This is why sleep is very important. Remember that the body rejuvenates itself while we are asleep so giving ourselves the much needed sleep goes a long way to help us physically and mentally. I now make conscious efforts to go to bed just as soon as my kids go to bed at 8pm. That way, I wake up refreshed and strong in the morning.

2. Learn to say “NO” or Delegate: We all know our breaking point but we disregard that all the time by trying to please other people or doing too much. Ask yourself: Are there better ways of doing this job or chore? Is there any way I could make my life simpler? Is there anyone I could share my tasks with? Is it worth sacrificing my mental and physical state for others? Realize you can’t do it all and draw a limit. 

3. Check your lifestyle: Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and even lack of social engagements can affect you. Good nutrition, exercise and socializing improve our moods and general well being. So if you’ve been all work and no play, then it is time to change all of that. I decided to make Wednesdays a “ME” day which means Wednesdays are all about me – I will spend it going to the cinema, eating at a restaurant, reading a book or watching TV – it’s my mid-week downtime to keep me refreshed, energized and positive.

4. Go on a social media detox: information overload, unregulated chats all add up to take away valuable time. Sometimes you find that just by “peeping” into Facebook alone, you get drawn into the posts and updates that your five minutes “peep” turns into an hour long poking, likes and emojis. Do not start your day on social media – rather, make use of your most productive hours of the day – which is the mornings to noon and capitalize on that by doing what is important. Let social media come at your downtown towards evening. Sometimes you need to unplug to focus on what is important.

Which brings me to my next tip – Get Organizing: Make sure you plan your day with agenda the night ahead. You can plan your entire week in a planner to keep you organized and focused. The key is to remain focused so whatever it is that causes distraction, get rid of it.

Last words: take things easy. 


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Customer Inspiration: Rosemary body lotion

Some time last year, a customer of mine tasked me to creating an anti-odor body lotion for her sweaty, active child. Having similar challenge in one of my kids, I created a moisturizing body lotion with plant extracts sage, mint, Rosemary and basil to help neutralize odor caused by excessive sweating which active kids are prone to. This product contains sweet almond oil to help moisturize the skin and Jasmine oil, orange oil and lemon oil to protect the skin as well as brighten the skin and protect from dull complexion. 

Organic Rosemary body lotion, anti odor lotion
Ene Naturals Rosemary body lotion

I am pleased with the feedback so far as the lotion has helped in keeping the body smelling fresh. Though it has not completely eliminated body odor, I am currently working on creating a 100 percent organic deodorant body mist for kids to work hand-in-hand with this lotion. I am quite excited about this new project of mine.

You can order for this product online here by visiting the organic shop on this site or on

Your feedback is much appreciated.


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Introducing Ene Naturals Baby care collection

Ene Naturals Black Baby collection includes Ene Naturals Black Baby moisturizing soap, Ene Naturals Black Baby moisturizing lotion and Ene Naturals Black Baby moisturizing cream all of which have been carefully crafted to meet baby’s delicate skin needs by providing deep moisturizing while protecting baby’s skin. It can be used by babies and kids of all ages.

Why do you have to use these products on your babies and kids? Because all our products are 100 percent organic; preservative free and chemical free. With recent studies showing that some commercial brands use cancer-causing ingredients in their Baby care products, one must be cautious in the choice of skincare products one uses on our babies and kids.

These products can be ordered online here or on our social media handles and at 

Delivery available nationwide.