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The joy of processing organic turmeric

Shredded raw turmeric, processing fresh turmeric
From raw turmeric to shredded bits

I have a penchant for wanting to control the sourcing of all natural ingredients used in my natural skincare products. As a natural skincare brand, being sincere through and through in the quality of ingredients I use is very important to me and the reason why my brand is consistently rising at a healthy pace.

In the regard, I went to a turmeric farm to source fresh turmeric myself. I went through the rigors of sorting, cleaning, washing, shredding, drying, milling and packaging just because I wanted to give my clients the best natural products or ingredients that they deserve. The process of making turmeric powder is rigorous but I am happy with the final result.

Turmeric powder
Organically sourced turmeric

Turmeric powder is great for the skin, hair and general health. I use turmeric with warm water and honey to treat cough as well as use it in cooking. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties so it helps reduce scarring, wrinkles, acne, rash and other skin issues. It can be used as an exfoliator (scrub), cleanser and mask.

You can purchase this product online from the organic store on this website.

Delivery available within Nigeria and world wide.

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Orange is my thang: MAC So Chaud lipstick review

So, orange is one of the colors that I adore because it uplifts my mood and brighten me up any time. So when I went shopping for MAC lipsticks, I bought So Chaud, which is a bright orange matte lipstick that feels creamy on application but remains matte all day. This lipstick is so long lasting that it can withstand food and drinks and still be stubborn to take off at bedtime.

It doesn’t leave your lips dry like most matte lipsticks but maintains a soft shine the entire day.

Orange matte lipstick
Loving this lipstick right now because with such strong lips, a nearly-bare face is just about right. This lipstick is worth having.

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MAC matte Stone Lipstick review

I recently purchased a set of MAC lipsticks recently and the matte Stone is my favorite for its taupe shade that is soft yet unmissable. I love dark lips and sometimes, dark lipsticks can appear too strong especially during the day so this MAC matte Stone is perfect – it’s a nude taupe that is like a softer, “mellow -down” dark lipstick that is so beautiful to wear. And I must say that it lasts all day long!

MAC matte Stone
Nigerian makeup with gele, Nigerian jewelry design
The lipstick on me; perfect with Nigerian traditional dressing & beautiful Jewelry by Ola

This lipstick might be matte but the texture isn’t like other matte lipsticks that are dry. Rather, this one feels soft and moisturizing to touch and when applied, it doesn’t feel dry at all. While I had the lipstick on, I ate, drank and put the lipstick to test all through the day. I was pleased to find that the lipstick was still on. And before bed, I had to use makeup remover to wipe it off as just mere water wouldn’t do the job.

My verdict? I will give this lipstick 4.5 out of 5. I love it so much. 

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Burnt out? How to overcome it

I haven’t published a post in a long time because I was completely burnt out, fatigued and unable to do just about anything. Being a full time mum slash business woman who runs her businesses from home, I experienced complete and total short down and was unable to run my business or my household. It felt as though my brain had fried! I couldn’t use my brain and neither could I use my muscles. My head ached from a migraine that had taken up space in my brain and swallowed the creativity and fire that my brain possessed. I was so weak that I collapsed. As I lay in bed for days – finally getting the sleep that I deserved – I visualized all the business activities that I was meant to be engaged in and all the household chores and responsibilities that needed to be taken care of – but alas – it was mere visuals because I couldn’t even lift my arm to support myself.

Image courtesy:

I knew that I had over exerted myself. And this is true of so many people who over-work themselves and even having to bend backwards to please other people. You must know when to hit the PAUSE button before you collapse.

Based on my experience, here are a few TIPS TO OVERCOMING BURN-OUT

1. Take time to rest. Rest is very important because when our body is relaxed, positive juices flow out of us so we are healthy mentally and physically. This is why sleep is very important. Remember that the body rejuvenates itself while we are asleep so giving ourselves the much needed sleep goes a long way to help us physically and mentally. I now make conscious efforts to go to bed just as soon as my kids go to bed at 8pm. That way, I wake up refreshed and strong in the morning.

2. Learn to say “NO” or Delegate: We all know our breaking point but we disregard that all the time by trying to please other people or doing too much. Ask yourself: Are there better ways of doing this job or chore? Is there any way I could make my life simpler? Is there anyone I could share my tasks with? Is it worth sacrificing my mental and physical state for others? Realize you can’t do it all and draw a limit. 

3. Check your lifestyle: Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and even lack of social engagements can affect you. Good nutrition, exercise and socializing improve our moods and general well being. So if you’ve been all work and no play, then it is time to change all of that. I decided to make Wednesdays a “ME” day which means Wednesdays are all about me – I will spend it going to the cinema, eating at a restaurant, reading a book or watching TV – it’s my mid-week downtime to keep me refreshed, energized and positive.

4. Go on a social media detox: information overload, unregulated chats all add up to take away valuable time. Sometimes you find that just by “peeping” into Facebook alone, you get drawn into the posts and updates that your five minutes “peep” turns into an hour long poking, likes and emojis. Do not start your day on social media – rather, make use of your most productive hours of the day – which is the mornings to noon and capitalize on that by doing what is important. Let social media come at your downtown towards evening. Sometimes you need to unplug to focus on what is important.

Which brings me to my next tip – Get Organizing: Make sure you plan your day with agenda the night ahead. You can plan your entire week in a planner to keep you organized and focused. The key is to remain focused so whatever it is that causes distraction, get rid of it.

Last words: take things easy. 


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Customer Inspiration: Rosemary body lotion

Some time last year, a customer of mine tasked me to creating an anti-odor body lotion for her sweaty, active child. Having similar challenge in one of my kids, I created a moisturizing body lotion with plant extracts sage, mint, Rosemary and basil to help neutralize odor caused by excessive sweating which active kids are prone to. This product contains sweet almond oil to help moisturize the skin and Jasmine oil, orange oil and lemon oil to protect the skin as well as brighten the skin and protect from dull complexion. 

Organic Rosemary body lotion, anti odor lotion
Ene Naturals Rosemary body lotion

I am pleased with the feedback so far as the lotion has helped in keeping the body smelling fresh. Though it has not completely eliminated body odor, I am currently working on creating a 100 percent organic deodorant body mist for kids to work hand-in-hand with this lotion. I am quite excited about this new project of mine.

You can order for this product online here by visiting the organic shop on this site or on

Your feedback is much appreciated.


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Introducing Ene Naturals Baby care collection

Ene Naturals Black Baby collection includes Ene Naturals Black Baby moisturizing soap, Ene Naturals Black Baby moisturizing lotion and Ene Naturals Black Baby moisturizing cream all of which have been carefully crafted to meet baby’s delicate skin needs by providing deep moisturizing while protecting baby’s skin. It can be used by babies and kids of all ages.

Why do you have to use these products on your babies and kids? Because all our products are 100 percent organic; preservative free and chemical free. With recent studies showing that some commercial brands use cancer-causing ingredients in their Baby care products, one must be cautious in the choice of skincare products one uses on our babies and kids.

These products can be ordered online here or on our social media handles and at 

Delivery available nationwide.

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No loss in failure

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Failure is not always negative; it gives one an opportunity to learn from mistakes, to be stronger and even wiser in decision making in our lives and business. Today Monday gives one an opportunity to learn from previous week’s mistakes or failures and grow from them.

Have a great week!



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Overcoming the desire to quit in business

Sometimes I am tempted to quit especially when challenges seem insurmountable. But I do not quit because I must not quit.

Success in business or life is a road laced with failures and setbacks. Sometimes when things are moving at a slow pace for me business wise, I ask myself what I could be doing – no matter how little that could make a difference even though minute it might be. It might be that the business environment needs re-arranging to make doing business more efficient; it may mean me creating a marketing message for my business; it might even mean making those “not so important ” business calls. Little by little, I come out of my gloom and I am motivated much more. Sometimes, I research online about things related to my business to make mine better.

So whatever you are engaged in, never quit because you must not quit.



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Monday is a fresh start

Found this on the web on and had to share to my Monday motivations. Monday sure is a fresh start. So rather than hating Monday, embrace it because it’s an opportunity to start a new journey of success.


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Homemade baby cereals:Why & How to

I have three kids, the youngest is six months old. I have utilized the same weaning method for all my kids and I have seen the amazing results in how well my kids benefited from homemade baby foods that are free of preservatives, free of added sugars or additives and one hundred percent natural. I discovered when my first child was born that she stooled often when fed processed commercial baby foods and sometimes, her bum turned red. I realized that the added sugar in commercial baby foods or cereals were just too much for the baby.

Now that I am weaning again, I am back to making all kinds of cereal foods for my baby. I make use of whole grains like wheat, guinea corn (sorghum), millet, maize, brown rice, basmati rice, oats and lots more. Like any Nigerian mother, I have relied on whole grains because they are abundant and cheap in Africa but I am also conscious of the fact that grains and cereal-like foods are deficient in fat, oil and protein which a baby needs. In Nigeria, mothers have had to rely on pap (locally called akamu or ogi) which is basically cereal porridge and milk thinking this was adequate nutrition. But sadly, Ogi or akamu with milk isn’t nutritious enough. Hence, accompaniments like crayfish (animal polypeptide), sardines, mackerel, egg yoke, peanut, palm oil, butter, even fruits like apple & banana and vegetables have become necessary. 

So here is my guide to making your own baby cereal at home:



Basmati rice, peanut, crayfish, fresh apple juice & infant milk.

Why these ingredients for making homemade baby food?

Well, Basmati rice is a nutritious, energy giving food due to its high carbohydrates content. Your baby benefits more from its dietary fiber if you use brown basmati rice. White basmati rice contains higher folate (known as folic acid) but either is high in minerals and vitamins.

Peanut is also very nutritious as it contains calories, dietary fiber, fat, omega 3 & 6, protein, vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium and much more minerals especially selenium, potassium and phosphorus.

Crayfish (animal polypeptide) is a rich source of vitamin A & D, calcium, potassium copper, zinc and iodine. Crayfish is easily absorbed and because they grow in clean lake waters, they are usually clean from pollution thus are pollution-free and very healthy for consumption.

These are the reasons I include crayfish & peanut in all my baby cereals. Fresh apple juice is a part of the ingredients for homemade baby cereals because it contains vitamin C and other nutrients and helps digestion without causing a baby to stool. 


1. Boil basmati or brown rice until very soft. Please do not give your baby regular white rice as they have been stripped of all fibers. Brown rice is also gluten free which is great for babies with this allergy.

Basmati rice, basmati rice baby food
2. Pour cooked basmati rice into blender.

3. Add 1 tablespoon crayfish, 1 tablespoon homemade peanut butter & 3 tablespoons of fresh apple juice & some hot water.

4. Blend all the ingredients to a cream

4. Store in a hot vacuum flask and use when desired.

5. Remember to add milk before serving

I take this food with me in the vacuum flask wherever I go and it doesn’t spoil because I do it add milk until my baby is about to feed as milk make food go rancid pretty fast. In fact, you should discard left over food if it is not consumed within an hour.

I have more posts on natural baby food recipes coming up so stay tuned for cost-effective, highly nutritious homemade baby cereals.



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Never give up on your dreams

Welcome to My Musings for Friday inspired by Aretha Franklin & Michael McDonald song – “Ever changing times”

Aretha Franklin and Michael McDonald ever changing times
This song always speaks to me and it did just a few minutes ago while listening to it on the radio. I love it so much that I had to go watch the live Grammy performance on YouTube.

I guess like many of us, you have your dreams but are unable to attain such dreams and wondering if you would ever be able to live such dreams. I have been there – confused, frustrated and sometimes depressed. But I made up my mind to take little steps closer to my dreams each day by setting up action plans and short victories. Sometimes, we must overcome our excuses and the mentality that is holding us back to take a few steps closer to actualizing our dreams.

So stop procrastinating, get researching, start reaching out to those that can help and more importantly, stop thinking that you can’t do it and then, spread out your wings and fly!


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Benefits of lemongrass 

Lemongrass grows in large quantities in Nigeria where we steep it as herbal infusions for medicinal purposes. I started drinking lemongrass tea or herbal infusion since I was a child. What I love the most about lemongrass is the aroma it exudes – it stirs up the senses while calming you at the same time. When I boil it at home, the aroma fills the entire house with its lemony-minty fragrance which creates positive vibes and lifts the mood.


There many uses of lemongrass which is its medicinal purposes as herbal infusion. We drink it in Nigeria for good health and for curing cold while the oil is used for therapeutic purposes to treat rheumatic pain, headache and other kinds of pains. Steeped lemongrass tea is fantastic for a healthy digestive tract as such it aids digestion and helps bowel movement to ease constipation. If you feel constipated, lemongrass tea is very useful in giving you relief. If you seek to empty your bowel, then drink a cup of lemongrass herbal tea before bed time and first thing in the morning and your bowel will empty out, making you feel lighter and free.

Lemongrass herbal infusion
Lemongrass tea

To preserve lemongrass or to make your own dry powdered lemongrass herbal tea at home is pretty easy. After washing, spread it out in a strainer to dry and place it where you get sun exposure and allow the sunlight to dry it naturally. It takes a couple of days to dry lemongrass completely and you can mill it into powder which you can store in a mason jar. You can also make lemongrass herbal infusion by boiling the fresh grass in a sauce pan into which you have poured water. Bring it to boil. Once the color changes to a dark green color, you can pour into a cup and drink either hot or cold.

Herbal teas are healthier than regular tea and put you in a healthy mental state, which lemongrass tea does. If you’ve been disregarding this herb, do give it a try.