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My Valentine lipstick adventure

Hi guys,

Happy Valentine’s day!

So, what was your valentine’s day experience like? For me, it is almost the same yearly as I usually spend the day all to myself and away from the madness of hectic roads caused by the heavily commercialized valentine’s day celebration.

So, this year, I gifted myself with Labelle Makeup new collection of liquid matte lipsticks which came as part of its Valentine Set. It came in a beautiful black box and accompanied by a bedazzled key-ring and a box of heart-shaped chocolates. I really loved and enjoyed this package. Inside were three liquid matte lipsticks:

The first lipstick I sampled was Russian girl which is a bright red sexy lipstick while Victorian Glam is a much darker shade that is daring and seductive. Mocha is soft and sultry. The lipstick is extremely light-weight, very easy to apply and lasts the entire day because it is waterproof. I like the fact that I was not bothered in between meals and drinks because the lipstick did not wipe off. In fact, I did not have to touch it up because it stayed on just as I had applied it earlier.

I actually tried washing the lipstick off with water and soap; it really was not easy to wipe off as it stayed on.




All three shades were the perfect valentine shades for me because I felt pretty and sexy in all of them.




My verdict: I give this lipstick 5 out of 5 because I could not find anything wrong with them. You can purchase yours at

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Valentine’s sales coupon

This Valentine, Ene Naturals is offering 10% discount on all its products purchased online at our online store – SHOP. Enjoy our variety of natural products which include soaps, lotions, hair care products, body sprays, room spray and organic foods. At our store, you will find natural skin care products for all everyone – men, women and kids.

Please remember to quote coupon code: Valentine’s offer at checkout.

happy valentine!


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At Ene Naturals, we are producing entrepreneurs

At Ene Naturals training academy, we are not only teaching students how to make natural skincare products, but are equipping them to be successful entrepreneurs and business managers. This is why it gives us so much joy to celebrate our alumnus, Miss Funware Smith who concluded her course with us and has launched her own product line.

Beyond the classroom, we assisted her in linking her up with all the bulk suppliers of natural ingredients in Nigeria as well as give her support in the area of packaging and marketing. Even after launching her line, we are still giving her the after-class support that her business needs because we want all our students to succeed.

To enroll for any of the courses that we teach, please use this  link

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Whats your skin care goals for 2018?

So, at the start of every new year, we usually come up with resolutions, goals and expectations for the year that includes our finances, our health, fitness; but probably not much on our skin care.

Our skin is the visual representation of how we feel on the inside. This is why we look radiant when we are happy or at peace while our skin looks saggy when we are under stress or undergoing difficulties. Our skin is a mirror to our inside and to some extent, determines how we are seen and can affect the perception that people have of us. So, in a nutshell, our skin is our image – simple as that.

our skin is an important organ of our body that it makes me wonder why we would rather invest in makeup products than we would on skin care products. Makeup products are actually secondary to skin care products. Heavy makeup and over dependence on makeup is so last year, so lets make healthy habits and set healthy goals for our skin in 2018.



Less makeup or no makeup at all means that you are giving your skin a breather! Take time to free your skin of makeup so it can breathe. Keep in mind that makeup clogs the pores of the skin, which in turn causes free radicals like acne, pimples and rash. So keep your skin fresh every once in a while.



Many people buy the wrong skin care products for their skin, which may even create additional problems. Sometimes too, people buy the wrong product for the wrong skin issue. So, before you buy any thing, make sure it is targeted and suited to your need and skin type. You should also create a beauty regime that is feasible and easy for you to implement. Rubbing lotion alone on the skin won’t do; you must exfoliate, tone, steam, mask and moisturize.



Did you know that alcohol, smoking and stress, including inadequate sleep can dehydrate your skin? If you spent last year paying little attention to rest time, then this year should be different. Plus, drink lots of pure, natural water rather than carbonated drinks or alcohol; eat fruits and vegetables and do keep your skin moisturized with the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type.


More women of color are obsessed with skin lightening or skin bleaching rather than focusing on nourishing their skin with moisturizers that keep the skin healthy and young. Skin bleaching adds years to your actual age so try to stay away from them as they contain harmful chemicals; and focus rather on keeping your skin healthy and youthful for longer. Keep in mind that skin bleaching causes the skin to lose elasticity, so this is why people who bleach tend to have wrinkles.


Healthy foods provide nourishment for the skin so tame down on junk, processed foods and go for healthy, natural foods. Consuming healthy foods will give your skin health, radiance and youthfulness. These foods are great for the skin:

Fatty fishes: Benefit from their abundance of omega 3 fatty acids which are good for healthy skin, shine and suppleness. Fatty fishes also contain vitamin E, which is a vital anti-oxidant for your skin and protects your skin from damage.

Avocado: Just like fatty fishes, avocados contain vitamin E and Vitamin C, which is another anti-oxidant that prevents free radicals and helps your skin to produce collagen needed for skin repair and rejuvenation.

Nuts: Nuts like walnut contain omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids that help combat inflammation and heal damaged skin.

Fruits and vegetables: broccoli, tomatoes, red or yellow bell peppers are rich in vitamins and minerals and are rich sources of anti-oxidants, all of which are needed for healthy skin.

Dark chocolate: Studies have shown the effects of consuming dark chocolate to be very good for the skin because dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants which protects your skin from sunburn as well as help to hydrate the skin, to improve the texture of the skin and help to fight wrinkles.


Let no one kid you by saying that you do not need spa treatment because you do! While you can save money by creating your own d-i-y spa treatment at home, every once in a while, please go to a spa and let professionals take care of your skin as it should be. From facials, to pedicures, to massages, enjoy a wide range of treatments for your entire body. Go to a spa near you and go through their menu and select diverse treatments that you can enjoy all through 2018 as treats. You can choose to give yourself a spa treat once a month or once in two months. You will feel great about yourself and your skin will thank you.

If you live in Lagos, Nigeria, I personally recommend Victoria’s Touch Spa. Visit the Instagram page at Victoriastouchspa.

These are some of the skin care goals that you can set for yourself in 2018. Tell me, are your skin care goals similar to this? Please share your 2018 skin care goals with us by leaving a comment.







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My 2017 Faves

Happy New Year guys! Welcome to 2018!

As excited as I am about the new year, I can’t help but reminisce about my favorite things of 2017.

1. Labelle Pink Latte Liquid lipstick:

I love this lipstick because it is super soft, smooth and creamy and very easy to apply. When dry, it is matte but moisturizing at the same time. This lipstick lasts the entire day even after drinking and eating. I especially love the soft shade of purple and is great for someone like me who loves matte lipsticks and hate to touch up makeup.

Get Labelle

2. Western Leather perfume by Alexandre J

One of my 2017 faves is this Alexandre J perfume – Western Leather purchased from La Maison du parfum at Antwerp. Elegant, gorgeous and sophisticated perfume. Gosh! How I love you 😘 😀

3. Jewelry by Ola house of accessories I love jewelry and Ola house of accessories made 2017 beautiful for me with statement handmade jewelry. Makes stepping out in style pretty easy.

Get Ola on Instagram:

4. Miniso browlash liner I have used a lot of brow liner but this Miniso brow liner is totally awesome. It is so easy to use and makes precision lining totally easy. Miniso is a Honk Kong brand I recently stumbled on. I love the fact that the liner comes with a mini brow or lash brush for perfect lining.

5. Glenfiddich single malt scotch whisky I casually refer to this single malt whisky as Mr Glen 😀 or Uncle Glen when I can’t get enough of it. Mr Glen is one of my faves from 2017 because I was introduced to it that year by my wonderful husband and I haven’t stopped befriending it 😀 ever since. This whisky is the smoothest I have ever had and either served straight up or as cocktail, it is totally exceptional.

2017 moves pretty fast and even though it was both smooth and rough, it was a memorable year. Am excited about 2018.

Good luck in 2018!

Much love!

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Product review: Labelle So Lush shadows

Labelle So Lush eyeshadow palette as the name signifies, is lush, luxurious and high pigment eye shadows for both day and night. This palette has 14 shades of both matte and shimmer eyes shadows. The texture is powdery, soft and extremely easy to apply. This is the first shimmer eyeshadow that I have used that didn’t fall on my face. The colors last the whole day and are so pretty, I took them for a spin.

I complemented the eyeshadow with Labelle Nude Liquid lipstick

I had so much fun wearing this eyeshadow that I took loads of pictures.

Labelle makeup products can be purchased online at

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Natural Skincare Gift Sets

Happy Holidays! 🎄At Ene Naturals, we are pumped up for the Yuletide and creating offers to enhance our clients’ shopping experience. In the spirit of the Yuletide, we have created gift sets containing our natural skincare products.So this holiday, give a gift of 💯 natural skincare products to the ones you love. Gift sets available for babies and kids, men, women, His & Hers Sets. Contents can be selected from our wide variety of products.Gift sets for Her come in either blue striped bags or red striped bags with complimentary makeup purse from us to say thank you for choosing us. These handy and functional bags are great for cosmetics and for travels.Gift sets for Him come in handy grooming bags for the ideal man for keeping grooming products and for travel.PRICES:Gift sets for Her: N10,000Gift sets for Him: N10,000Gift sets for babies & Kids: N8000His & Hers Gift Sets: N20,000To order, simply leave a comment below.Compliments of the season!

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Healthy drink for kids

Kids consume a great amount of juices, especially during school hours and I have always tried to reduce fizzy drinks or soda because of the high amount of sugar content in them. It is of common knowledge that many packaged juice drinks are actually made from concentrates with high amount of sugars and preservatives. So, naturally, I try to reduce the amount of such drinks because when kids consume too much sugar or carbonated drinks, they become restless and difficult to manage. Plus, excess sugar pose a lot of health risks to kids and everyone alike.

So, in my bid to go natural, I make healthy drinks for my kids from juices and smoothies. One of my favorites is zobo drink. Zobo is a drink made from roselle leaves found in West Africa. So what we do is wash these dry leaves gotten from a specie of hibiscus plant, and cook them in water. On its own, zobo is not sweet but rather than add sugar and artificial flavors, I use fruits and dates to sweeten the drink.

By using fruits and dates as natural sweeteners, one is creating a vitamin C rich drink that is just right for Kids. On its own, roselle (zobo) leaves have high vitamin C content amongst other nutrients, coupled with fruits like pineapple or golden melon which are sweet and rich in vitamin C. So this zobo drink keeps cold and flu away while boosting a child’s immunity. A healthy zobo drink has added nutritional value as it contains calcium as well as help to aid appetite. It also lowers high blood pressure. Common sweet fruits like pineapple and golden melon are great in sweetening zobo but you can use other sweet fruits as well. You can also opt for natural honey to sweeten zobo drink as well.


8 Liters of Water

1 Liter of zobo (roselle) leaves

1 whole pineapple

2 cups of soft dates

A handful of ginger

This is a pot of zobo (roselle) leaves with blended fresh ginger. Ginger gives the drink flavor and taste as well as fruits and dates. When this boils, I leave it to cool to room temperature before sifting out the leaves and ginger.

Once the zobo is at room temperature, I blend pineapples and dates in the blender. The dates must be soft and not hard. So if you have dry, hard dates, please soak it over night in warm water to soften before blending. For a bowl of 8L zobo drink, I used a whole bunch of pineapple.

The pineapple always makes the zobo drink even more foamy so expect bubbles!

Sift the pineapple and dates once blended into the zobo drink as shown in the picture.

Finished product.

With this zobo drink, your child can take it to school in bottles or drink at home.

It is sweet, nourishing and healthy.


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New fragranced room sprays from Ene Naturals

At Ene Naturals, we also developed new fragranced room spray and disinfectant room spray from essential oils. Here they are:

This Ene Naturals Anti-viral Disinfectant spray is an antiseptic room spray that purifies the air to help relieve cold and flu symptoms as well as help with allergy support. It also helps to repel insects and can be sprayed on beddings, clothing and the entire room.

Ene Naturals Happiness room spray is an energizing room spray that uplifts mood. Simply put, this is Happiness in a bottle!

These products are available online on this website from the organic shop.


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New fragrances at Ene Naturals

Recently, we developed fragrances from essential oils and fragrant oils for our new product line – Ene Naturals body spray and room spray. It was an exciting experience and I am so glad that the products were finally launched and receiving thumbs up 💃🏿

Meet the body sprays:

My Aphrodisiac: Love Potion body spray is an exciting and sensual body spray for women that puts you in the mood for love.

Seductress: A Romantic affair body spray is a romantic and sensual fragrance for the sexy woman looking to set a romantic tone.

Solid Man body spray is a sexy, bold and exciting fragrance for the sexy, confident man.

These products can be purchased online here from the Organic Shop.

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How I beat procrastination

Here’s the deal about procrastination – usually, there are promises you make that seem pretty easy to keep but also easy to overlook; or life changing promises you make to conquer certain habits that plague you but seem difficult to beat. Procrastination also holds people hostage and also sends you on guilt trip

that equally hold you hostage.

From experience, I was unable to keep to promises because I was distracted and had my brain so cluttered that I didn’t even remember that I had made any promise at all. I realized that overcoming procrastination had nothing to do with me being weak but rather, had everything to do with my being disorganized and having too much to deal with, including helping other people and running errands I had no business doing in the first place.

So I took charge of my life and the first step I took was simplifying my life.

Clutter, lack of organization and lack of purpose all contribute to keeping you enslaved by procrastination so here are the simple things I did to over come it.


1. De-clutter your life and get organizing:

How do you start your week? Are you so scattered that you have no clue what your week would be like? Start organizing your life by planning the week ahead. To start with, plan your clothing, the food you would eat and chores in a weekly schedule or timetable. I started by creating a good time table that way I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the week and realize that I didn’t have certain foods at home and then be forced to run grocery errands more than once a week which means vital time being wasted doing just one chore that could be done just once rather than multiple times. You save time, you save energy, you are less exhausted, you have room to plan and succeed.

I also started keeping a weekly planner of all my activities for each day of the week. So I have a weekly planner for my business and another for my personal life. I became very organized and purposeful that I had no room for wastefulness or lack of purpose. You know how the week ends and you ask yourself what you’ve achieved so far and you realize you can’t pin-point anything? That’s what happens when you don’t plan your activities.

2. Create a hierarchy of duties and stick to it: You know how workers are advised to stay off social media until mid-day to stay productive? well, same applies to every aspect of our lives to stay productive and beat procrastination. Choose to start your day doing all the important stuffs and let your day wind down to the much simpler, less important ones. Know when to access social media because it is a huge distraction – DO NOT START YOUR DAY ON SOCIAL MEDIA – rather, focus on your duties, one at a time, giving room for reflecting time, winding down time & trivial time. Try to keep things in perspective.

3. You can’t help everyone: Do you know that the time spent running errands for other people and making other people’s business your business may cost you a lot? I realized that there are certain things I did for my friends, which I didn’t have to do because they should be doing it themselves. Besides, you are choked up already so while helping is good, make it essential and besides, you are not the only friend they have. Remember too that friends tend to take one for granted when you bend too backwards? So try to balance things between how much time you spend doing your own stuffs and the time you spend doing other people’s stuffs.

4. Create room for yourself to relax, reflect and recharge: When you organize your activities, you should fix time too for relaxation, meditation or reflection which helps you to recharge and stay positive. I have “ME” times during different days of the week which I guard jealously. Sometimes, I go tech-detox and turn off my phone, unplug from social media and disconnect completely to keep me focused and on track. Know when to unplug distractions.

Truth is, I have spent the past years being less organized and being less purposeful but I chose to change things at the start of 2017 and created new resolutions that were life changing including giving me business success. I have been able to achieve more than ninety percent of what I set out to achieve this year because I got organizing and began a purposeful life that changed everything. Don’t live like paper tossed about by the wind; rather, be purposeful and deliberate.


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Cash in on our new online store coupon: Use code INDEPENDENCE

Hi guys!

So, Nigeria is celebrating her 57th Independence and to commemorate this occasion, we are offering 10 percent off all purchase at our online store

Offer is valid all through the month of October and will end on the 31st day of the month. So, cash in on this offer and purchase our line of premium natural products.

Please do remember to use the code: INDEPENDENCE upon request.