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Remedy for cold sores

Cold sores are fluid-filled blisters formed on the lips or other areas of the body. In Nigeria, many refer to it as fever rash. It could be red in some people and for we Africans, it is not necessarily red at all but there are usually a cluster of blisters and usually form on the corner of the upper lip. I recently had cold sores and I know for sure that it can be itchy and discomforting. But I will caution you not to scratch it as it is in fact, contagious. So please do keep your fingers away from the cold sores to avoid spreading the virus.

You will find a very informative article on Healthline – https://www.healthline.com/health/herpes-labialis where it is stated that cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus and can spread from person to person through contact such as kissing. You see why it is advised to avoid touching cold sores because you might touch somebody else with those fingers? So, I learnt that there is no cure for cold sores and I also learnt that stress can actually trigger the virus, which is inside us. December of 2021 was a crazy month for me – it was hectic as it was emotionally and mentally exhausting. Not only did I break into cold sores, I had fever that broke me down. So my doctor prescribed an antibiotic for me which really helped. But I also rested a lot which my body needed.

I also turned to a natural solution as well.

So while the antibiotics was taken orally, I wanted to use a natural lubricant to help dry out the cold sores to aid it falling off eventually because what happens is such natural lubricants or even store bought medicinal ointments help to dry out the sores until they fall off like scales. So I opted to make an oil blend of peppermint essential oil and coconut oil. I combined 2 drops of coconut oil with 1 drop of peppermint essential oil and applied it on the cold sores directly with cotton buds or swaps. I did this 3 times daily. I felt the stinging sensation of peppermint essential oil but thankfully it didn’t sting too much but only momentarily because I only used a small amount of it. I also noticed that the cold sores felt drier by the second day. And by the fourth day, it was so dry that it started to fall off so I peeled off the entire dry skin with my finger and after washing my hands, I lubricated my lips for the entire day with coconut oil to soothe the part of the lip where the dry skin had fallen off. I was quite impressed with the peppermint essential oil even though you could use other essential oils like tea tree.

I will also encourage you to drink lots of water, rest a whole lot and stay committed to your daily vitamin C intake. Also, take vegetables and fruits to help you recover even faster.

Do you have any natural remedy for treating cold sores? Please do share!



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  2. That’s great! It’s nice to know that we can rely on nature to cure some of these ailments. Cheers

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