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Natural cosmetics private label manufacturer

Hyperpigmentation face wash

300 bottles of hyperpigmentation face wash.

Hyperpigmentation face products

We manufactured 300 bottles of hyperpigmentation cleansers and 300 bottles of hyperpigmentation face cleanser for our UK-based client.

Manufacturing of vegan hair care products:

We manufactured another set of vegan hair care products for one of our clients in the USA. We made detangle hair conditioner spray for frizz-control and hair growth serum.

Anti-frizz hair conditioner spray
hair growth serum

We made hyperpigmentation serums and testers for a client in the United Kingdom using natural ingredients.

Private label scented whipped shea butter

Working with golden yellow shea butter is pure joy! Its creamy texture and bright colour looks stunning in the packaging. Our client’s star ingredient is shea butter, which we source responsibly from shea butter growers cooperative within Nigeria. We manufactured whipped shea butter with different signature scents. Our MOQ is 50 pieces per product.

Acne products

We worked with a client based in Lagos, Nigeria to create acne face products using plant extracts and salicylic acid. After creating the formulas and producing samples, our client had the products tested before giving us the approval for bulk production. As a responsible company, we always adhere to our expected production and delivery schedule, which our client was pleased with.

private label acne face cream manufacturer
private label acne face wash

Hyperpigmentation products

We worked with an organic beauty startup based in Canada to formulate brightening serums and dark knuckles remover serums for people of color. Our client’s target market is made up of Africans in diaspora so we had to formulate these serums specifically for the black skin.

organic serum private label
dark knuckles remover serum manufacturer

Private label manufacturing of men grooming products

We manufactured a product line for male grooming for a new start-up based in Lagos, Nigeria. For this client, we manufactured beard balm, shampoo and conditioner.

Image on the left: Beard balm

Beard/hair shampoo
Beard/hair shampoo
Beard oil
Conditioner hair mist/spray
hair growth serum

Private label manufacturing of vegan hair care products

We made organic hair conditioning hair mist/spray and hair growth serum for our client in the USA. All ingredients used were vegan and responsibly sourced. For this client, we made 50 pieces each of both products.

Private label black soap manufacturing

For this client, we made black soap body washes and black soap pastes for outward shipment to the United Kingdom. The products were in different packaging sizes of 125g, 250ml and 500ml.

Black soap body wash
Black soap body wash
Black soap body wash and paste
lip scrub contract manufacturer
hand sanitizer contract manufacturer

Private label manufacturing for an Abuja based start-up

We were contracted by an Abuja based organic beauty start-up to create lip scrubs and hand sanitizers for her brand. We handled the production, packaging and labelling for the brand.

Contract manufacturing of hyperpigmentation products

We were contracted by a beauty start-up in Canada to manufacture skincare products specifically for the African skin to treat hyperpigmentation. We manufactured a number of products for our client and had them packaged in gallons and buckets as the client wanted to handle the packaging and labelling herself.

goat milk lotion contract manufacturing
exfoliating body scrub contract manufacturing
radiance body oil contract manufacturing
brightening face wash contract manufacturing
brightening face cream contract manufacturing
black soap body scrub manufacturer

Contract manufacturing for foamy body scrub

A beauty start-up based in Lagos, Nigeria tasked us with the responsibility of creating an exfoliating liquid black soap which we accomplished in this black soap body scrub. We created a foamy scrub using black soap as the surfactant.


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