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We were so excited when the Creative director of Ene Naturals skincare limited was featured on the School of natural skincare website. Please click link to read –

A Business Built on Family and Passion

below are some excerpts:
A Business Built on Family and Passion

A Business Built on Family and Passion

Student success stories

Ene Adasen is both a mother and a successful natural beauty entrepreneur living in Lagos, Nigeria.
For many years Ene had found her sensitive skin didn’t respond very well to chemical-based products, and when she started having children she saw that they too were suffering from the same problems.
She realised that sensitive skin and allergies seemed to run deep in her family, and she and her children were constantly breaking out.

That’s when she made a decision to do something about it.

With her instinct as a mother pushing her to find a solution for herself and her kids, she decided it was time to fully embrace natural living. This was the beginning of a journey into natural skincare, driven by a hunger for the knowledge and skills to make her own products.

It was a journey that would change the direction of her life.  

Choosing natural living for herself and her family was a decision strongly rooted in her own childhood.
Ene was raised on a farm in rural Nigeria by her grandparents, who were herbal doctors, and so in matters of personal healthcare, she would always turn to this rich and deep pool of traditional knowledge first before trying pharmaceutical products.
But the challenge was to transfer this knowledge of herbs into effective skincare; something Ene says she found fascinating. Through her own research and perseverance, she started to learn how to make skincare products that worked for her and her kids’ sensitive skin.
Over time, she was able to make creams and soaps for the family and was happy this way until her friends started noticing the effect on her skin and that of her kids, and wanted her help with their own skin problems.
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A Business Built on Family and Passion


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