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Exclusive interview with Ene Naturals MD

Hello everyone, we are so happy that we can finally share this interview with everyone. In this interview with African Brands, our MD Ene Adasen,


I got featured on TV!

Last week, I received an award from African brands for most innovative beauty brand in Nigeria and it followed with an interview about my entrepreneurial


We won most innovative skincare brand!

We won the most Innovative Skincare brand conferred on us by African Brands. We were ecstatic but humble that our activities are being recognized. This


Awards & Press


African Brands award for Most Innovative Beauty Business in Nigeria, 2022

Ene’s Story

“Ene Adasen is the Founder of Ene Naturals in Nigeria. She is the one of the 1,700 Nigerian women entrepreneurs to have participated in our Road to Growth programme, which from 2019-2020 supported her to develop her capacity building skills so that she could look to the future and making her business successful for years to come.” Cherie Blair Foundation for women

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A business built on family and passion

Ene Adasen is both a mother and a successful natural beauty entrepreneur living in Lagos, Nigeria.

For many years Ene had found her sensitive skin didnโ€™t respond very well to chemical-based products, and when she started having children she saw that they too were suffering from the same problems.ย 

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