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NATURAL HAIR CARE TRAINING This class is for students who are seeking to specialize in the formulation of hair care products. These natural hair care products can be used for both natural and relaxed hair and are made from nature’s goodness to nourish the hair. At the end of this training, the student will be able to create, produce and package their own hair care products.   COURSE CONTENT Please find below the course content for the hair care formulation class.    
  1. Safety and handling
  2. Equipment
  3. What is a product development brief?
  4. Structure of hair
  5. Sebum explained
  6. Difference between heat-pressed oil and cold-pressed oil
  7. Essential oils ideal for hair
  8. Carrier oils ideal for hair
  9. Ingredients:
o   Surfactants and Emulsifiers: Difference between synthetic and organic surfactants o   Preservatives o   Humectants o   Thickeners and stabilizers o   Emollients o   Botanical extracts o   Active ingredients  
  1. Shampoos: types
  2. Creating production development brief
  3. Shampoo formulation
Products to formulate:
  1. Conditioning African black soap shampoo
  2. African black soap shampoo for kids
  3. No-lye organic nourishing shampoo
  4. Conditioner formulation: leave-in conditioner for adults
  5. Leave-in conditioner kids
  6. Detangling hair spray
  7. Protein hair mask
  8. Hair butter
  9. Hair oil/serum
  10. Beard Oil
  COURSE FEE: Physical learning 70,000 Naira Online learning: 50,000 Naira. To pay for the online course, please click link   Pay for Online option for Certificate course in Natural hair care To enroll for physical learning, please fill the form below: For more inquiry, contact us on WhatsApp: 2348098303030


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