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Press mention: My Road to growth journey

I was so excited to read and watch my interview conducted by the Cherie Blair foundation. I am a proud alumni of the foundation’s Road to growth program which provides capacity building for women entrepreneurs across the world.

What began with a simple download of the Her Venture app and me completing as many course modules as I could in their mini-MBA app, I was selected for the Road to Grow program in partnership with The Enterprise Development Center of the Lagos Business School. I enjoyed every bit of the lectures, trainings and projects. The peer-to-peer groups and the mentoring aspects were incredible. I changed just as my business changed. It was an amazing experience and today, my business says a thank you to the Cherie Blair Foundation and EDC for investing time and resources on me and my business.

You can find the complete interview https://cherieblairfoundation.org/r2g-nigeria-ene/

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