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Our product refill station now open

Product refill station Nigeria

We are so happy to announce that we have finally created our product refill station which allows you to refill our products in paper or spout pouch packaging at a 500 Naira discount! So you save 500 Naira each time you refill our products and reuse your containers. It’s our commitment to protecting the environment to reuse and recycle containers to reduce waste. We will also pay 200 Naira for any of our glass containers you return to us after use (amount which will be deducted from purchase). Because we want to reduce our plastic packaging, we have also further discounted our products so soaps and shampoos are now reduced by 500 Naira! Please join us in our initiative to be eco-friendly. You can refill your products online by purchasing the refill pouches on our website or by visiting our refill station.

We encourage you to reuse your product containers because it reduces waste. With the ability to refill your products, there is no excuse for single use of containers. So please let’s partner together in reducing plastic waste.

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