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Manufacturing tips for organic beauty startups

Are you looking to start your own natural or organic beauty brand? If yes, how excited are you about this new venture of yours? I guess before you dived into this new adventure of yours, you might have done due diligence about the kind of market that you would be entering?

Some important questions should be the market niche that you want to capture and the needs of the target market that you want to fulfill. And then comes the question: who will be formulating your products? Are you a certified formulator who can develop product formulas or would you be seeking a professional? Would you also be making your products by yourself or would you rather contract the manufacturing to a company?

So this is where we come in for many startups. From personal experience, contract manufacturing is not an easy job because every client is different and since we are not into white label but private label manufacturing, it means that we create custom formulations for every client. Sometimes our clients give us their formulas to work with but most times, they rely on us to develop the formulas, create product samples and then we both test the products on sample groups before finally manufacturing in large scale. But here is our biggest challenge: working with unprofessional clients’ formulas. One of the many setbacks for startups is that they tend to pull “recipes” off blogs and YouTube and then tweak it to suit their tastes and then erroneously assume that they have created a formula; sadly it doesn’t work that way. So one of the things I tell my clients who lack professional formulation qualification is to embrace the advice and recommendations that we have to offer them as professionals because every ingredient used in formulation has usage rates and rules of application. So I had this experience with a client who was very stubborn and would not take our advice. But thankfully, she agreed to try out a few samples of the products on a test group. I also tested the products and the results? – the worst breakouts I have ever experienced.

So if you have very little knowledge on formulation and want to start your own beauty brand and is considering private label or contract manufacturing especially with a company like ours that offers one-on-one tailored consultation , then please watch this video to learn more.

Contract Manufacturing tip for organic beauty startups

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