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Making products by hand is pure joy

I was a very self-aware teen who wanted to create things with my own hands. I remember getting on my knees while in boarding school and opening my palms and asking God to bless my hands because I knew that I was a creative person. And as I got older, that desire to create things with my own hands heightened. I started by writing and blogging; and I would create dishes and cook meals while working under my mother’s tutelage who was and still is a chef; and years later, I would go into making natural products because of that passion to create with my own hands. And till this day, we make some of our natural skincare and hair care products by hand, especially our African black soap products. When you make things with your hands, it is pure labor of love and we put in utmost care into making our products by hand. At the fore front of our activities are our customers whom we want to provide only products that are safe and free of toxins; and our environment, which we must protect. When I make products with my hands, it is pure joy because it means that my dreams and aspirations have materialized and it means that I am helping feel a need for someone. How has your childhood dreams shaped your today?

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