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Introducing our black soaps in paper packaging

Black soap eco friendly
Shea black soap – 1,500 Naira

Introducing our black soaps in paper packaging! As part of our commitment to be eco-friendly and to encourage our customers to use our refill station to refill their products while they reuse their containers, we are pleased to introduce to you, all our black soaps in paper packaging. We made it cute to express how much we love you as our customers. With paper packaging, our black soap is now cheaper by 500 Naira! Oh yes! because paper is cheaper than plastic and by using paper, we actually save on water cost and cleaning costs as well, meaning we are actually reducing our production waste! So more paper packaging equals less industrial waste! Please we encourage you to reuse your containers while you refill your products. We refill all of our products except the ones in glass containers which we will collect back after use and pay you 200 Naira for returning the containers! Isn’t that a great deal? Please keep sending your orders in and let’s reduce plastic waste!

Brightening black soap – 1,500 Naira
Lightening black soap 2,000 Naira
Brightening goat milk black soap 2,000 Naira

These products are available on our store 👉🏽


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Our skincare products for dry skin

Ene Naturals products for dry skin

Got dry skin? What you need is moisture and hydration which our dry skin care line has!⁣

  1. Brightening Goatmilk cream for dry skin. This is a moisturizing, brightening cream with goat milk, allantoin, glycerine, kojic acid, coconut oil and olive oil for dry skin. Price: 4,000 Naira⁣
  2. Hydrating body butter with coconut and cucumber hydrates and moisturizes dry skin. Also contains allantoin. Price: 3,500 Naira⁣
  3. Shea black soap contains aloe Vera gel and Shea butter with glycerine for head to toe wash. Ideal for dry skin. Price: 2,500 Naira ⁣
  4. Soothing serum for dry skin made with plant extracts to soothe, hydrate and moisturize dry skin. Price: 3,500 Naira ⁣

To purchase any of these products, please visit our store