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Press mention: My Road to growth journey

I was so excited to read and watch my interview conducted by the Cherie Blair foundation. I am a proud alumni of the foundation’s Road to growth program which provides capacity building for women entrepreneurs across the world. What began with a simple download of the Her Venture app and me completing as many course …

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Natural skincare made with love ❤️

I so love my job! 😀 I could go on creating and formulation products even if I don’t sell them! 😃 That’s how passionate I am about my craft. I guess when you do what you love, you don’t care about monetary gains. I am in no competition with anyone rather I am even gladder …

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african black soap making kit

African black soap making kit

It is now so much easier to make your own African black soap at home! Which is why we created the African black soap making kit that contains the ingredients that you need to make a moisturizing black soap that is gentle enough for everyone to use. In the African black soap making kit, you …

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Different ways to use peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil can be used in so many ways. 1, As an inhaler to free up nasal passage or blockage: add a drop of oil to a tea cup of hot water and inhale the steam. This will will clear blocked nose and also relieve headaches. 2. As a tea to relieve cold symptoms. …

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A naturally radiant skin is possible

A radiant, glowing skin is high on the request list of both men and women who are seeking for a healthy, beautiful skin. To meet this aim, nature has in its abundance, amazing Naturals oils, herbs and ingredients that can give the skin the natural glow without exposing the skin to the harmful chemicals in …

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Chocolatey goodness for the skin

When pure cocoa powder is combined with cocoa butter and a bunch of natural ingredients, what you get is pure chocolatey goodness for the skin! This hydrating chocolatey Body Butter purifies the skin as well as hydrate and moisturize the skin. To order this product in bulk, please leave a comment.

Strawberry hydrating Body Butter

We at Ene Naturals love this hydrating Body Butter so much. Organic color, organic oils, no artificial colors, no preservative, completely Hand made. We love the beautiful pink color and the strawberry scent even more. We made this body butter in large quantities for a wholesale client. You can order yours by responding to this …

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Natural skincare gift set

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Do you want to give your skin the luxury of natural skin care? Then our natural skincare gift set is perfect for you. This gift pack contains: Natural Radiance Face wash Natural Radiance toner Natural Radiance face cream Brightening goat milk lotion Moisturizing liquid …

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Our new hibiscus (rosella) skincare products

Hibiscus or rosella leaves are great skin purifiers and make great toners. In our quest to create moisturizing and purifying products for the face, we turned to these leaves which grow locally in Nigeria. The beauty of hibiscus or rosella leaves is that the juice can be extracted and used as either toner or lotion …

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