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Zaron launches cream to powder foundation and matifying pressed powder

Zaron has finally launched its cream to powder foundation and Bronze Goddess Nigeria fully stocks them. So, if you have dry skin, normal to combination skin, then the cream to powder foundation is just right for you. If your skin is oily, then Zaron new matifying pressed powder is perfect for you. It’s matifying quality means that it is anti shine, oil free and provides long lasting flawless finish and long wear.


45 responses to “Zaron launches cream to powder foundation and matifying pressed powder”

  1. constance ajunwa avatar

    Can’t wait to try d mattifying pressed powder!

  2. Hello Constance, it is an oil blotting makeup that keeps shine away. You should try it. Cheers

  3. Pls ow much does d zaron powder palette cost

  4. Hi, Zaron powder palette is 18,000 Naira. Cheers

  5. Gettin τ̅☺ fall I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ luv wit ds product,bt I wl lyk 2knw if I can use d matifyin pressed powder witout first applyin oil matifier a̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊d also H̶̲̥̅̊ow̶̲̥̅̊ wl I knw my shade ‘cos I can c d̶̲̥̅̊at̶̲̥̅̊. d powdr hs numbrs(Zz40,ZZ25 etc) so as τ̅☺ choose rightly.

  6. Hi, I sent you a mail already. Foundation primers set the skin for flawless makeup so to blend primer with Zaron oil controlling powder, use Primer marked “for all skin types” as they do not necessary dry out the skin so your skin does not look too dry once powder or foundation is applied. Cheers!

  7. Hello, please get in touch I need the zaron products in bulk.

  8. Do I need to apply powder aft applying d cream to powder bronze mattifier

  9. Please does zaron have lipstain palette? And how much does it cost?

  10. Please I am finding it difficult to make a good choice for my skin colour.guide mi.tnx

  11. Hi. You have to go to a Zaron store for product testing.

  12. Hello! I have a oily face, please which of the powder can you recommend.

  13. Waiting for response.

  14. Hi, am lost regarding your comment. ..

  15. You can use Zaron mattifying powder with zaron primer

  16. Pls use Zaron primer and pressed powder

  17. Recomendation noted thanks. But how much is the primer?

  18. You can use Zaron primer and pressed powder

  19. @ ennedear don’t be lost regarding my comment because you have answered my question. Thanks.

  20. Zaron powder, I have oily face, and I intend using mattifying powder. Pls if I may ask, must I use primer? Tnx

  21. Hello..pls how many shades of pa nache mattifying powder does zaron have because i’m confused..i see zz35,zz25,zz10,zz65,zz45…pls explain.

  22. Primer helps to create a smooth canvas for makeup as well as help to control shine and help makeup last longer. So yes you should use primer

  23. If you are buying, have someone test it on you so you can be sure

  24. Pls I av a dry 2 normal skin…n I got d zaron pa nache powder which is oil control…hope its gonna be gud on me….and also I wld lk 2 get d zaron face primer but since I dnt use foundatn is d primer still goin 2 giv me dt flawless luk I crave 4 badly

  25. I usually do not recommend Zaron oil control powder for normal or dry skin. Its mattifying effect is not too good on either skin type.

  26. Pls Zaron products does it cause pimples & rash?
    Cos I bought d oil control loose powder

  27. Zaron powder, I have oily face, and I just boughtthe mattifying powder zz25. Pls if I may ask, is it complusory that i must use primer?

  28. No it doesnt. You must be reacting to something else

  29. Primers control oil and shine as well as give a smooth canvas for makeup to blend and sit on.

  30. since.am using mattifying powder zz25. can please give me the code number of the primer that will fit my mattifying power ZZ25 on my face and how much is the primer?

  31. There’s only one primer and its 2900.

  32. Pls is d Zaron creme to powder like a foundation. If yes
    do I need to use a powder after using it. And if no do I need to apply a foundation first before using it. Thanks

  33. just want to ask whether perfect blend cream powder can be used instead of primer.my stylist reommdeded perfect blend cream powder to used before applying mattifying powder.kindly advice

  34. Cream to powder is foundation mixed with powder. So one is all you need.

  35. No woman should use makeup without primer. So you have to buy primer and use before makeup

  36. I use black-opal truly topaz will ZZ60 of the mattifying powder be a perfect shade

  37. Am sorry I cannot provide an answer to your question. You should have the product tested on your skin before purchase

  38. Do I need to use foundation before applying the zaron mattifying powder. In other words can the mattifying powder be used alone without using a foundation first to achieve a flawless look

  39. Yes it can be used alone

  40. Thanks for the reply

  41. pls I need to know, what shade of powder is after ZZ 10. I ve grown lighter n d Zz 10 is now dark for me. I need d next shade b4 it. You ppl should try n display the various shades of mattifying powder you have on your webpage so it’s easier for users like mysef to identify when buying.

  42. How much does Zaron powder and cream to powder pallette cost

  43. Can I use the face primer and the zaron matifying powder to achieve a flawless look?

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