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Winged eyes: why I love them

Our eyes are the most expressive aspect of our face. It communicates confidence, truth, weakness and of course, sexiness. One of the golden rules in makeup is that makeup should help accentuate natural features by taking it beyond what one would think as limitation. By defining one’s eyes, you add character to your eyes.

Winged eyes are common and not as difficult as some people think but what I do love about creating wings to the eyes is the amount of transformation it creates.


There are different ways to creating wings and just like in the picture above, extending the shadows out at the outer corner of the eye, just below the crease gives instant wow, without doing too much.


To begin, apply any eyeshadow colour of your choice on the eye lid below the crease. While I used orange on the inner corner of my eye, I blended into an emerald green eyeshadow for the rest of the lid. I chose a black matte eyeshadow for contouring the crease of the eye and the one which I extended out wards to create the wings.

While I love contouring the crease of the eye, sometimes, this feels bothersome and I itch for a break from the norm, hence the second look:


This look is clean, simple and elegant and not hard at all to create.


This look requires no contouring at all. To begin, choose the eyeshadow colour you like, apply it all over the eye lid and be sure to complete the eyeshadow application first before moving on to creating the wings. As in my example below, I had used silver shimmer eye shadow on the inner corner of my eyes and on the tear duct.


Once your eyeshadow application is done, pick up your black eye pencil, preferably kohl, close your eyes and draw a line along the crease line of your eyes, remembering to extend the line a little bit out wards. Remember that the line gets thinner and fades as you move out wards. If you make a mess, tidy it up with Qtip and concealer. Once that is done, you can choose a much deeper tone of an eyeshadow that is most natural to your skin and apply just above your crease to further help define your eyes like I did and complete with a shimmer highlighter on your brow bone. Line your eyes with whatever eye liner colour you like, and your look is complete with mascara, blush and lipstick.
This makeup look is great for parties and fun time out on the town.

Hope you like this look and do give it a try and tell me how you did.


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  1. fabulous look this is! doing it immediately! i love it.

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