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Why you need concealer, not foundation

The widely held conception about makeup among we African women is to think that by wearing heavy makeup, we are better able to conceal spots and look brighter and better. Unfortunately, the African heat messes makeup faster and way easier than water! Our weather is extremely hot so if you have a spotless face, do without foundation during the day time; even if you have spots on your face, you can still do without foundation. If for any reason you insist on foundation, go easy on it. Too much foundation presents a false appearance as though your skin has been double-coated or masked – I have seen it on the faces of many women and it is awful!

The concealer is a must-have for African skin as we do have more than one shade on our faces. While you may think the foundation is your must-have, on the contrary, the concealer does a better job of hiding spots, brightening your complexion and presenting a light, weightless feel which all makeup should provide. Here are some useful tips you can employ:

1. After cleansing and moisturizing your skin, take out your concealer. If you have a spot-free face, go for liquid concealers; if you have spots, cream concealers are great. Start with the circle under both your eyes by filling them with concealer using your finger tips. Rather than rubbing it like most women do, pat it into your skin that way the concealer sits without rubbing off. Blend the concealer into your skin to prevent lines.

2. Apply loose powder over the concealed area under your eyes.

3. With your finger tip, apply concealer on individual spot on your face. Do not forget to blend so it can have a natural feel. Once done, apply loose powder over the concealed areas.

4. Lastly, apply loose powder all over your face and proceed with the rest of your makeup.

So, for a daytime weightless makeup that lasts, go for your concealer. If you have trouble applying it, get back to me and I will be glad to exemplify.


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