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When plain Jane loses her man to the material girl

Hi guys,

This is the concluding part of this month’s E-zine. I have been mighty busy so I couldn’t submit the posts on all of this month’s topics. Thank God, I am finally here.

I am a natural girl; I love my natural beauty so much that I devote more time to caring and nurturing my skin than do wear makeup. But I would not consider myself a plain Jane.

Plain Jane is the all natural girl who wears no makeup at all, has a laid -back sense of style and is probably clueless about makeup or totally being fashionable. Plain Jane is the simple girl – the girl -next – door a lot of guys grow to fall in love with. While your man may love your easy-going, predictable nature, there are quiet a number of reasons why some men love women with your kind of nature:

– You are truly a refreshing change from a world full of plastic girls.

– Your guy truly loves natural beauty.

– Your simplicity makes you easy to get a long with.

However, there are other reasons why men love simple minded Plain Janes:

– Your predictive nature makes it easy for your man to control and mould you into what he requires.

– Some men find you easy to manipulate.

– Some men think that your simplicity simply translates into your nature being easier to relate with, less complex, less complicity and less intimidating.

This however does not mean that you are weak, but this is how you are perceived by some men.

For a lot of men, too much makeup is a no-no; in fact, most men are averse to women who put themselves all out for them to see. Meaning, give them something to look forward too. So I say to myself, if men love the all natural women so much, why do they cheat on their women with material girls many years down the line? So the question goes: how does plain Jane lose her man to the material girl?

Material girls are street smart, wide eyed and know every trick in the book; where you might know nothing. You may think that your man loves you as simple as you are right? – I mean, he says that repeatedly. Then why does he lust after his sexy vixen colleague of a woman? Why? After all, he was meant to hate the false hair extensions, the false lashes, the false nails and the false God knows what! And oh, that made- up face with sexy smokey eyes luring him at office dinner parties. That is why when he can no longer resist  the temptation, he would fall for her, and not only begin a wild adventurous relationship with her but put his marriage and your heart at risk as well.

So, you begin to ask yourself if he might have lied to you when he said he loved you just the way you are. But here is the truth:

Men care about your face, your hair, your nails, your fashion style and your overall grooming.

So, while you were busy being au natural and not taking care of yourself and appearance, some girl some where is spicing things up for him.

Here is the dish:

Because you know that your man loves the simple, all natural you, you have let yourself go. The predictability in you which he thought was a plus, has become boring. I know women who do not take time out to groom themselves properly, to look fashionable and trendy because they think that is what their man want.

But guess what? In so doing, you have not only become boring, predictable and plain, you have become unattractive.

I was raised tomboy, so I can relate with this topic quiet well. I know my husband loves the fact that I am a natural beauty but I also know that he is happy and proud when I am fashionably dressed and looking sexy. As a young girl, I thought I could never wear any shoes if there weren’t Adidas trainers.

My all time fav
My all time fav

I still love my Adidas; I speak about this shoe gushing with emotion and excitement because I could never divorce myself from these shoes. And just like Adidas, I love my skin. I spend good time and money nurturing my skin. As I grow older, I have come to appreciate the role good grooming and good fashion style plays in the business world. No longer am I  laid -back and as I put in more care and attention into how I look, it has helped my marriage because I realized every man wants to be proud of his woman and wants to find her sexy.

It is so important that your man finds you sexy because if he no longer does, he will find sexy elsewhere.

So, am sure you might ask, how do I get sexy back?

– By being unpredictable. You have to shake up the routine sometimes Without informing him. Men are like kids; they love surprises. So instead of dinner at home, you can surprise him to a romantic dinner for two far away from home.

– Groom, groom, groom! Be like French girls – I adore them for their laid-back all natural makeup – and the signature red lips of course! And French girls can do this because a perfect skin is all important to them. Get your hair done regularly ; change your hair style from time to time too; your man is already tired of your predictable hair do! And take care of your skin. A well nurtured skin needs very little makeup and men love a natural glowing skin. Stop being cheap and go for spa treatment once in a while.

– Spice things up in the bedroom now! You know those sexy lingerie you think only bad girls wear? Guess what? Your man is secretly dreaming of it on material girl! No lie!

– Wear some makeup. Makeup is meant to accentuate your natural beauty; not replace it. Always go for light-weight luminous foundation for that glowing, sheer look. Play it safe with natural makeup.

– Move out of your comfort zone once in a while to drive your man crazy. Wear shoes with heels sometimes. Take it from an Adidas trainers loving girl like me, heels are sexy!

Faith Blue suede shoe
Faith Blue suede shoe

Don’t let this scare you; you can begin by wearing low to medium heels

Medium heel
Medium heel

Excuses you should get out of your head:

– Makeup is bad

– Sexy is bad

– I love comfort

– I don’t have the body for that

– I am not that confident

– It’s my nature


From one natural girl to another, a little push out of your comfort zone can turn your relationship around for the better.


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