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ENE Naturals Vitamin C Brightening face & body cream


Vitamin C Brightening face and body cream by ENE Naturals is one hundred percent organic cream that naturally brightens dull complexion while treating acne and sun burn by the aid of its vitamin C rich sweet orange content.

This organic brightening cream is used for the following: skin brightening and even skin tone, acne treatment, sun burn treatment, dark circle treatment and fights wrinkles and the signs of aging.

Ingredients are: coconut oil, almond oil, water, orange extract, lemon oil, turmeric, jasmine oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and citric acid.

Turmeric gives the cream it’s soft green color while the lavender oil and orange extract combination gives it a yummy fragrance. This product has a good amount of water as such the texture is non-greasy, soft and light weight.


2 responses to “ENE Naturals Vitamin C Brightening face & body cream”

  1. Prosperous new year Ene naturals
    pls my name is Marvy and I am an obsessed natural cosmetic user which I have also lured my family to start using. all d yl we appreciate the natural impact these body butters does on our skin. But of recent my mum said she wants to be lighter in complexion and I read that tumeric does a great job at that.
    So ma, how do you get your tumeric in your cream looking so smooth without *tumeric* particles found inside???.
    Thanks very much for your time

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. It’s all in the process and technique really. I had spent three years researching how to get natural ingredients into skincare products and created some unique techniques. This is why you don’t get to see turmeric particles in the cream. Turmeric tends to stain the skin as well so I only use a pinch which when combined with the orange extract that I make, makes for a great natural skin lightening cream. You can call my phone line for a sample if you like. Cheers!

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