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Tips on how to make cheap lipsticks last longer

Cheap lipsticks are miles apart from high end brands when it comes to coverage or volume – that is how well it fills your lips, longevity which is the staying power and of course texture. I don’t spare money when it comes to lipsticks because high quality lipsticks cannot be compromised. 

But that doesn’t stop me from trying cheap lipsticks especially when I see colors that I like. So I bought NYC Pure Coral lipstick from the drug store and here are my findings:

NYC Pure coral lipstick comes in a shade that I love so much – coral; the lipstick is moisturizing and presents a glossy or shiny finish.

However, it doesn’t fill the lips that easily and it doesn’t last that very long, hence my need to strengthen it for longer stay. 

So here are easy tips to make cheap lipsticks last longer:

1. I fill my lips with my liquid concealer before lining my lips with lip liner, after which I use a lip brush to blend the lip liner into my lips.

2. I apply the cheap lipstick.

3. I dab my powder over the lipstick.

4. I apply the last layer of lipstick.

5. And lastly I dab my lips over a paper napkin and am good to go.

So here is how it looked on me after I had eaten an apple!

After drinking cocoa and spending time out and about, the lipstick stayed on for longer. I was glad the shine went down over the course of the day because I didn’t like the high shine finish.

Hope this helps. Go try it!


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