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Timeless Makeup for the woman in you

So guys, I turned thirty – three a couple of months ago; and as I grow older, I pay particular attention to my skin and health. I devote more time to nurturing my skin than I do makeup; and when I do wear makeup, I keep it simple, timeless and age-defying.

As a professional makeup artist in Nigeria, I struggle to explain to mature women that there is more to makeup than splashing multiple bold eye shadows on their eye lids and think that by blending these multiple shades of colours, they would feel youthful and fun. And I say, NO, it does not! While multiple eye makeup maybe appealing, I believe that as we grow older as women, we must apply makeup in manners that express how powerful we are as individuals.

Picture yourself – a successful career or business woman, invited to an evening with powerful and successful people in your industry; or perhaps, you are invited to a sophisticated wedding and while you put in so much attention into looking proper, sophisticated and mature, you however think that by blending bold colours on your eyes, you would feel young and chic. Well, guess what? You absolutely do not need it.

As a successful woman, your appearance should communicate how powerful you are and what better way to complement your fashion than with the right kind of makeup? So, here is my timeless makeup for the woman in you.

Tip no. 1: Less is more.

As you grow older, you must learn to go easy on your makeup because when it becomes too much, it gives the appearance that you are trying too hard to look younger. Besides, it can be tacky and cheap too. If you look at your facial features, you might notice the skin around your eyes going tender, giving signs of impending wrinkles; you might even have wrinkles around your eyes. So you must stay away from intensely shimmery eye makeup or unforgiving colours like gold or silver that simply amplify the wrinkles around your eyes. So, here is how I looked in my timeless, age-defying makeup:

Timeless makeup
Timeless makeup


So, to begin with, these are the products I used:

Fair & White Gold even tone moisturizer: As an African woman, maintaining an even tone complexion is very important.

No. 7 Beautifully matte primer

Mary Kay concealer

Maybelline Dream matte foundation in shade Cocoa

Flori Roberts pressed powder

Sleek contour kit medium

Sleek blush


When it comes to applying makeup, try as much as possible to keep your makeup as light and natural as possible, so do not over-apply makeup. This is the foundation for flawless makeup. keep it minimal.

Tip no. 2: Define your features

I don’t do mundane makeup because it does little for my features. The trick about age-defying makeup is that by highlighting and shading the relevant facial features, you not only accentuate your natural beauty but gets an even younger look as well. Take a look at my picture from this angle:

By contouring the cheek and eye crease, you create magic.
By contouring the cheek and eye crease, you create magic.

For the eye makeup, I used two shades of purple: The deeper one for the lower eye lid and the lighter one above the dark contour on the crease of the eye. By contouring with black shadow, it defines the eye by stretching it a little bit and creating the much needed modest drama. And what better way to complete the eye makeup than by applying subtle cat eyes, which further stretches the eye. Because the eyes are dramatic already, I chose to thinly line the lower eye lid and apply a stroke of purple eye shadow as well.

I also never wear rosy cheeks because I have a full face; which is where the Sleek contour kit comes handy. I use the medium shade and while the dark powder is for contouring, the light, soft shimmer powder is for highlighting the T-zone.

Sleek powder palette
Sleek powder palette

To contour your cheeks, simply sink in your cheeks and apply soft brush strokes of the dark powder right under your cheek bone. Angle it along your cheek bone for the perfect effect. Not only would you look much slimmer, you would look much younger as well.

Tip no. 3: Go for a youthful, vibrant lip colour

For this timeless makeup, classic meets modern, hence I blended a classic red lipstick with a fun and hippy orange lipstick for a youthful finish.

Grimas red and orange lipsticks were blended for a youthful look
Grimas red and orange lipsticks were blended for a youthful look

By blending these Grimas red and orange lipsticks, I got a vibrant, hippy lip colour that completes the youthful look.

am rocking this look!
am rocking this look!


I felt so young when I wore this makeup and what better way to complete my look than by wearing an all natural braid! I am so rocking this look!

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Cheers!




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