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Testing skin for the right Makeup Foundation shade

If in the past, you had to apply Foundation on the back of the hand before selecting the right colour to buy, then you’ve been going about it the wrong way. The back of the hand does not have the same complexion as the face or the neck. So to help select the right shade for the skin colour, all you have to do are:

1. Look at your face; are you light-skinned or dark complexioned? Many African women have different complexion so determine where you fall into.

2. Select three shades that look a match for the skin and apply them with foundation sponge on the cheek and close to the neck. The reason for applying the foundation colours on the cheek is so you can select a shade that will blend with the cheek and the neck.

3. Watch and see that one will disappear into the skin. The one which does this is the right shade for you. The right shade looks like a second skin and easy to pick out among the three tested.

Makeup Application for amateurs

1, Cleanse your face with makeup removers or face cleanser to remove dirt from face as makeup must be applied on clean face.

2, Upon selecting the right shade of foundation, with a foundation sponge, preferably a wedge (this you can find in all cosmetic stores), blend the foundation on the face, making sure you blend into hairline. Do not use too much to avoid smudging. Keep the foundation as natural as possible and do remember to blend lightly under the chin and even around the neck. Be sure to avoid staining your blouse though.

3, With a powder sponge or brush, apply the powder over the foundation. If you want great impact, use a powder sponge, dab the face with the sponge. You can then finish it off with the powder brush.

4, Remember to tender to the eyebrows – if you follow the natural arch, you will be able fill them up with eyebrow liners. Please, do not scrape off your eyebrows. Even if you do not get the natural arch, you can cheat by filling them up with eyeliners.

5, Eye shadow application can be done in several ways. If you don’t have an eyelid primer, dab concealer or your foundation on the eye lids with your finger tip. Apply a natural eye shadow tone on the eye lids, and choose a colour you like for the lower lid. You can choose a light shade to highlight the upper lid or brow bone area. You can then use eyeliner or eye pencil.

6, African women can use blush so do not be afraid of applying blush on your cheeks.

7, Lastly, apply lipstick. If you do not have a lip primer, apply lip balm on the lips, and then line your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick.

8, Get creative!

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