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Super food smoothie 

I made a post earlier about super vegetable smoothie 👉🏽 here where I wrote about the health benefits of watercress, spinach and mint which I used in making smoothie.

And then I remembered that my husband hates swallowing vitamin supplements and that I needed to make a smoothie that would provide his body the necessary support so I added carrot and apple to the watercress, spinach and mint to make my “I hate pills” vegetable smoothie.

If you are calcium deficient or vitamin C deficient or having trouble giving your body the needed vitamins to support your bones, brain and immune system, then try this smoothie because carrot is fiber rich and rich in vitamin A, C, K, beta carotene, B8, antioxidants, folate and a lot more. Apple is also fiber rich, a good source of antioxidant as well and reduces your risk of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. 

Super foods smoothie
Watercress, spinach, carrot, mint & apple smoothie

Raw foods, super foods and organic foods in general support your body’s health. So go try this!


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