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Staying true to myself: Why I quit the makeup biz

I got into the professional makeup business because I felt it was another way of expressing my creative side. I also enjoy using my hands to create things but over the years, my love for makeup dwindled. I think my early loss of interest began when more and more women became obsessed with contouring and creating makeup looks that made them look other than themselves. So the more requests, the gutted I became.

In my bid to maintain my identity which is purely naturalistic as well as keep my business, I started by ridding what I considered artificial out of my lifestyle like permed hair or weaves. I practically skinned my hair and started to grow my natural hair from scratch. I embraced organic living but yet, I felt as though I was betraying myself because in reality, am not obsessed with makeup. To make the task of balancing my personality with my makeup career even more challenging, my husband who fell in love with my natural beauty never liked the idea of women relying on contouring or makeup that altered their natural beauty. After years of struggle and with me developing my organic skincare brand – Ene Naturals, I quit my career as a professional makeup artist.

Looking back the years now, I am reminded of how I had always wanted to stay true to my natural self and living organically. For my wedding nine years ago, I wore cornrows on my hair against the wishes of my relatives; only my mum understood my desire to stay natural. She’d always tell me how uniquely different I was, which was true because I have always been averse to modern trends and society norms or society ‘madness’.

I wore cornrows at my wedding 9 yrs ago

Looking back to my blogging history, I had always written more about quick and easy makeup and makeup that accentuates one’s natural beauty.

These two makeup look still some of my favorites 

 I do love makeup; I particularly adore lipsticks but I don’t want a makeup look that makes me look other than myself – I am not ashamed of my natural beauty. So, I like Alicia Keys, is embracing my natural beauty.

So from this moment on, I remain a beauty and makeup blogger of a different kind – the organic, naturalistic beauty and makeup blogger.

I think it’s important one stays true to oneself. 

Love yourself; be good to yourself. 

8 responses to “Staying true to myself: Why I quit the makeup biz”

  1. I love it! Those 2 looks are absolutely beautiful (:

  2. Amazing post! It’s time for women to stop mimicking ridiculous fads that make them look and be a person other than themselves. I don’t know when morphing to another person in the name of makeup became a trend. Who ever said we had to have a perfectly straight Caucasian nose or be caramel in the forehead or buttery on the cheeks in the name of contouring? Let us embrace our God-given features and highlight them to be seen and appreciated instead of completely changing them. God bless you.

  3. Thanks Crystal, you are so right. It’s amazing how ladies these days can no longer step out of their homes without a ‘flawless’ made up face. Interestingly, the vast majority of men hate this new trend. We must teach our daughters to embrace their natural self. Cheers

  4. well said. You look beautiful in your wedding pics. It’s strange how so many woman are encourage to look like somebody else on their Big Day.

  5. Thank you. Women these days are so fad-obsessed that they lose themselves in the process. I hope mothers can teach their daughters better. Cheers!

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