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We have been very busy fulfilling our private label clients’ orders. Personally, I love the challenge of custom formulations because it means creating a brand new product from scratch without having to copy anyone. Clients come to us because they are buying products off the shelf for their brands; rather, we are creating unique products for them.

Hyperpigmentation serums with samples in droppers

We made 50 bottles of hyperpigmentation serums and 50 hyperpigmentation serum samples in droppers for the client’s customers to sample for free. We always encourage our clients to order sample products and have them tried by a sample population or focused group before ordering for bulk production because this allows them to receive honest feedbacks from customers and gives them room to tweak the products and make necessary adjustments, which are very good at.

For us, patience is everything and I always tell clients to be patient because we encounter clients who just want to rush their products into the market and I keep telling them that you as a brand owner cannot use yourself and your opinions as the sample to base your product decisions on because your skin is not the same as others and your opinion will always be skewed and narrow-minded. If you keep an open mind and allow other people to give you honest feedbacks, then your product can be a winner in the market.

Hyperpigmentation face wash

We made these 50 bottles of hyperpigmentation face wash for a client who kept changing the formula five times! We didn’t mind really, because we wanted her to have the product that she desired.

Acne serum

We also made 50 bottles of acne serum for another client.

When it comes to private label manufacturing, our MOQ is low – 50 pieces per product because our niche market is startups and small businesses who are just introducing their products into the market and do not want to spend too much money at the beginning. So whatever your dreams are for your brand, contact us at bronzegoddessnig@gmail.com or enenaturalsng@gmail.com



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