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So.. Pink-ified

Hi beauties,

So, it’s no news that am pink – shy; it occurred to me that I had no pink lipstick or lip gloss in my personal collection, which is contrary to my professional makeup box full of different shades of pink. So I went on a hunt to find the right shades of pink I could dare 😀- oh yes!

I didn’t wander too far off from my desire for a mature lipstick – I think pink is too childish. Believe it or not, dusty rose shades of pink were my favorites and I think that is because they look like faded pink disappearing into the background. My favorites are Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Fuzz

And this no name incognito brand I got on a trip

So, I said to myself, what the hec, let’s give Zaron Sweet Kiss a trial. Zaron is a Nigerian brand and I like to give it my love and support and I absolutely loved it!

I loved the Zaron Sweet Kiss lipstick so much, I created this bold look to go with it. I thought to myself: what is the oddest color you’ve ever combined with pink – even on a piece of clothing and green came to mind. 

For this makeup, I used green eyeshadow from my palette; I mixed black eyeshadow with hot red eyeshadow to create a shade resembling oxblood red for contouring my eyes. Jordana bold felt tip liquid eye liner completed the eye makeup.

So now, am no longer pink shy; just pink – safe, even though the Zaron Sweet Kiss isn’t particularly safe. Yet I love it all.

What you think?


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