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Hi guys,

I receive numerous mails and comments daily on skincare issues and while I have been able to find solution to people privately, I discovered that those solutions could help other people as well.

So please, I have created this post tagged Skincare SOS to tackle all skincare related issues. So you can please submit your questions by leaving a comment in the comment box at the end of this post.

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This is free consultation! I will appreciate it if all skincare issues are directed here rather than through email or Chat lines, as I will no longer be offering private advise any more.

Thanks! I am happy to help. Please keep the questions coming!

37 responses to “Skincare SOS”

  1. isabella egbuche avatar
    isabella egbuche

    Present ly I use the milk….but I am not lightening up as expected…then I noticed an un eveness on my face

  2. Hello Ene,

    I noticed a few dark patches appear on my face suddenly a couple years ago. I saw a dermatologist who took a sample of skin from the affect area for testing and it came back saying I was allergic to sunlight and was asked to use spf 50+ sunscreen. I have been doing that in addition to using cosmetics with included spf but it has still not disappeared. What will you recommemd?

  3. Hello Juliet, am glad you have seen a dermatologist and now you know you have to use sunscreen. In addition to using SPF 50+ sunscreen, I will suggest you get a fade cream or preferably a fade out serum which you will apply topically on the spot only. Over time, it should clear. A good skin brightening serum will get the job done. On your own, you can mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with a quarter teaspoon of milk, and apply with cotton pad daily on the spot only. This with the serum will help. Always remember to use sunscreen daily. Cheers!

  4. Kim
    Manchester, UK

    Hii do you have any tips on getting rid off dark marks and scars that spots leave?
    Thankyou 🙂

  5. Adeleye Theophilus avatar
    Adeleye Theophilus

    I have a rough face and pimples face. I am using the Fair and White Gold 2, I don’t know if it’s advisable 2 be use on face and what can I use 2 help me on my face

  6. Hi Kim, thanks for the question. Dark marks and scars, much like stretch marks, are very difficult to treat, especially when they mature. Personally, I’ve had to deal with all and I tried a lot of products. Surprisingly, results came from a combination of castor oil, olive oil and Shea butter I mixed in a container, which I applied daily on the scar and stretch marks. The scar and stretch marks became nearly invisible. Honestly, it’s not easy to remove scars but constant massaging of the three oils reduced the appearance considerably until it became nearly invisible. I would like to ask though, if the spots cleared off, leaving the scars behind? Because if that’s the situation, you will have to buy a skin brightening serum which you would have to dab on the individual dark areas morning and night until it clears. Cheers!

  7. Hi, am really concerned when people buy brightening products to treat pimples. It’s not even written on Fair & White Gold pack that it treats acne. Please buy an acne targeting product – cleanser, toner & moisturizer. Thanks

  8. Thankyou so much for your tips, yes sometimes I get the odd spot where when it clears I am left with a dark blemish it sometimes can take years to fade.

  9. It happens to me. I found it was the serums that cleared mine. Any skin brightening serum will do

  10. Adeleye Theophilus avatar
    Adeleye Theophilus

    Thank you very much. but which product do you recommend on this acne products, I mean like a brand name.

  11. The best acne product we sell is Oriflame.can u send me a text so we can chat? Our number is 08098303030

  12. Michelle from Lagos.

    Hello. I’ve got very oily skin on my face and I sweat a lot, because of that I find it difficult to use lotion or any cream on my face. The effect is that my body is wayyy lighter than my face while my face has uneven colouring and dark patches around my laugh lines and corners of my mouth. I’m was advised to use K brothers papaya soap on my face but have seen any changes. Please help.

  13. Hello Michelle, I have oily skin as well and I apply face cream daily. To brighten your face, I can give you Oriflame fairness balancing range which is a combination of cleanser, toner & lotion for the face. Secondly, you will need to buy oil absorbing translucent powder which will absorb sweat and oil. Cheers

  14. Hi please I want to know if miss white is a good product am fair but not too much and want to start looking after my skin more. I like fair and white gold but it’s too complicated. Thank you. My face and knuckles have darkened a lot.

  15. You can use the Fair & White So White range to brighten your complexion and give you even tone. You can check the prices at our online store – http://www.bronzegoddessmakeupstore.wordpress.com

  16. Hi dear,thanks for this opportunity,i v bn battling with rashes since january this yr,im really very dark nd iv got very dry skin,iv used functbact a and skineal,bought some soaps,presently using sebamed soap,plshelp

  17. To start with, dry skin needs a lot of nourishment hence moisturizing lotions and soap. You can break into rash if the beauty products you use add to drying your skin rather than nourish it. So you need moisturizing lotion and soap. We stock Oriflame moisturizers which is very good for dry skin. About the rash, the fastest cure for rash is either fresh aloe Vera gel (it must be natural and not store bought) or vitamin C. You can apply fresh aloe Vera gel topically on rash or crush a 100mg vitamin C in a container and add a little water, of which solution you apply on the rash. You will see difference in a few days. Please keep me posted if you want the Oriflame moisturizer. Cheers

  18. Hi Ene, please I need you to recommend a good fade serum that can help with the dark patches/ circles under my eyes…tried virtually almost evryfn..fades n cones back worse..and also a good lotion that isn’t bleaching n mild that can even out my skin tone m fair in complexion…m having hyperpigmentation…thank u

  19. Hello Susan, I won’t be able to name brands as I am not paid to do any form of advertising for such companies. Lotions that contain AHA – alpha hydroxy acid are great for even skin tone. As for the dark circle, we make a natural skincare that can clear the dark circles without side effects. This I know has helped people who have used a lot of serums without improvement. Cheers

  20. Thanks dear…so how how much do u sell the natural skin care for the dark circles n how can I pay n get it. do u have any place here in benin? Cz dats where I stay.thank u

  21. Hello Susan, can u pls send me a text on 08098303030? I can text you a good body lotion privately, which will give you the even tone you desire. Thanks

  22. Hello ene,

    My name is Ibukun and I’d love to make some consultations which is divided into two parts;

    1. I don’t have one of the hottest legs due to Measles and little accidents from childhood and I can say my blackheads and scars are roughly 20 years old now. I have accepted it but it still bothers me. Do you think the castor oil concoction can help?

    2. I have a dry skin and an extremely sensitive skin and my face reacts to oil and all. I don’t have a particular day time or night time moisturizer but I’m thinking of laying my hands on olay complete for sensitive skin with SPF 30, olay crew cleanser and regenerating serum you mentioned in your post about moisturizers. If they are okay, how could I possibly get them? And if not, can u suggest some? Thanks so much. . . You do great work! God bless. . . looking forward to your reply

  23. Hello Ibukun, my advice is that you visit a registered dermatologist. You will find one at the General Hospitals. Don’t go buying products until you consult with one. Cheers

  24. Thanks so much Enne. I’d do just that. God bless.

  25. Please I am interested in the advanced training for four weeks, but I want to know where exactly is your office located. Can’t fined your adress here

  26. My address is House 1, Dream Court 1, Thompson Okonkwo street off Raliat Omolabi street, Chevy View Estate, Chevron drive, Ajah

  27. Raola


    I have stretch marks on my legs and also age spots on my legs, I’m lightskinned btw,
    Please what do you suggest and how can you help me

  28. I’m having itchy acne and tiny rash on my face hv tried almost everything bt noting seem to be working. My face is darker than my body

  29. I’m having itchy acne and tiny rash on my face hv tried almost everything bt noting seem to be working. My face is darker than my body. Pls wot cream can I use. Thanks

  30. Hi, sorry my response is late. When your skin begins breaking into itchy acne and rash, it means you are reacting to something; it could even be an allergic reaction. Pls visit a dermatologist for proper treatment. Sometimes, seeking professional help is better than gambling with beauty products. Cheers

  31. Hello Raola, I believe we spoke on the phone? Stretch marks on your legs maybe as a result of skin lightening products which contain steroids. So if you are using any, discontinue use and switch to moisturizer. My Bronzegoddess stretch mark cream can help with the stretch marks. Age spots are extremely hard to clear. I am yet to come across an effective solution. Cheers

  32. Hi Ene
    I live in the U.S but I’ve been in Nigeria for the summer and I have gotten very dark (from a Kelly Rowland skin tone to a Lupita skin tone) due to the sun…I guess.
    Can you recommend a facial moisturiser from the Oriflame range to me pls and also a body lotion.I currently use the black soap to bathe and for my face also.

  33. Hello Labake, Clear essence skin beautifying milk or fade cream will do a great job in reviving your complexion. I will also suggest a weekly body scrub of brown sugar mixed with two pinches of turmeric for your entire body. You can also use Oriflame Fairness cleanser, toner and lotion for your face and neck. That should help. Pls keep me posted. Cheers!

  34. Hi Ene, my name is Ogbene and I stay in Lagos state. What causes eczema especially during preggies and how can it be fought?

  35. Hi Ogbene, I do know that during pregnancy, our hormones are all over the place so we are exposed to free radicals like acne or eczema. Eczema can also be caused by allergy to certain foods/food properties, weather & chemicals in skincare products. If persistent, u have to get a dermatologist test ur skin, do an allergy test & be given medication. Natural solution that is chemical free and great for pregnant women and just about any one is this: Topically, you can buy Camwood from local women who sell Herbs and use the Camwood as a daily scrub & suspend soaps & cleansers. You can mix Camwood with water into a paste, apply all over your face & scrub. Use warm water to rinse. Then you can use fresh tomatoes or apples as cleanser by using d juice as cleanser with cotton wool. Rinse with warm water. Avoid soaps and use aloe Vera gel – the natural one as face gel. You do not need a face cream at all. With time, the eczema will clear. Cheers!

  36. Hi Enne pls i need your help am a guy of 18 years..when i was about 14 years i notice something on my nose..it was like pimple..so my mum bought fumbact A for me..it was successful but after the first tube,,the pimples left andtleft me with too much eczema so i became addicted to creams like fumbact skineal,,epiderm and tribact i used these cream without stress until last yeas i used a lotion named perfect white i didnt use it intentionally tho..the cream gave me a rough face nd also gave me strai marks on my armpit..pls i need a solution to clear the face roughness and black facial marks..pls i now have low self esteem pls help me..i appreciate the selfless help u have been rendering God bless you.

  37. Hello Uzoma, am sorry about your situation. I wish your mum hadn’t used any of those tube creams because they do not treat pimples or acne. These anti fungal or anti bacterial creams are medicines and only meant to be prescribed by a doctor to treat fungal or bacteria infection. Unfortunately, because you have used it for too long, your skin might build a resistance. Pls you need to stop using them. As for the whitening lotion, the steroids in it caused the stretch marks and your poor skin condition is as a result of your skin’s reaction to harmful chemicals. I will advice you stay off beauty products for a while. Give your skin room to breathe. Stop soaps, cleansers or face lotions for now. Every morning and night, you can use an orange slice as your face wash/ cleanser. Gently massage the orange slice into your skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with warm water. Use aloe Vera gel – the natural one as face cream. With time, your face will clear. As for the stretch marks, you need a stretch mark cream. You can buy ours or any good one out there. Cheers

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