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Skin sensitivity: Signs & treatment of White Heads

Should your skin react easily to beauty products and other factors like weather or the environment, then you have sensitive skin. Skin sensitivity is not limited to any particular skin type and we all react differently, depending on the biological makeup of our skin
and its interaction with chemicals in beauty products.

The signs of skin sensitivity include white heads, black heads, pimples – acne in general, and change of skin texture. One of the signs I want to focus on today is white heads.


White heads are the opposite of black heads; they are white patches that appear on the skin and sometimes resembling eczema in worse cases. White heads are results of deposited dead cells on the skin.

White heads are results of direct opposite factors: when dead cells clog your pores, it results in white heads because you are probably not doing enough to properly remove dead cells through cleansing and a host of others. On the reverse, excessive exfoliation causes white heads, especially in people with dry skin because excessive exfoliation strips the skin of sebum, thereby, causing your skin to secrete excess oil to makeup for the loss of oil to exfoliation. So to avoid whiteheads and any form of acne, balance is key.


If you have dry skin, constant exfoliation in the form of scrubs, exfoliating washes and cleansers with micro beads, exfoliating soaps – e.t.c do pose it’s hazards to your skin. By exfoliating daily – which most face cleansers recommend, you are drying your skin, which causes those white heads to appear. Examples of exfoliators:



These and shower gels that contain micro beads as well as exfoliating lotions if used daily can cause white heads in some people. Exfoliators are meant to remove dead cells, but daily usage causes an imbalance to the body’s PH, which causes an upset in the body so your skin suffers.

Excessive cleansing also causes the skin to lose sebum as well as neglecting to deep cleanse your skin. So the way out?


1. If you are washing your face with soap bar, followed by cleanser in a bottle and lastly toner, and you have white heads, then it’s because you are double cleansing. Soap is a cleanser, just as your bottle cleanser is. So you are better of ditching one for the other. But since soap is important to you, opt for a foaming cleanser instead. A foaming cleanser washes like soap or you go for a cleansing soap. You should not go without toner as the toner goes deep under your skin to purify it.

2. If you are using exfoliating cream and you spot whiteheads, consider going off it for a while and see if the whiteheads clear. Many brightening and lightening creams contain exfoliators.

3. Adopt a healthy deep cleansing regime:

Exfoliate once or twice a week.
Steam your face once a week to open clogged pores.
Mask your face with organic clay once a week.


– Dry oats used as scrub on damp skin removes whiteheads pretty fast.
– Fresh aloe Vera clears whiteheads in days.
– fresh tomatoes applied on skin clears whiteheads
– Green tea used as cleanser clears whiteheads
– buy products that contain Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
– Apple cider mixed with honey will clear whiteheads.
– Lemon juice mixed with milk will cleanse the skin and moisturizes as well.
– Turmeric used as mask or cleanser treats whiteheads.

Everyone reacts to products differently but the most important thing is to keep track of what you use and how you use them. Sometimes by eliminating one or two items, helps to narrow the chief cause of your skin sensitivity.


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