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Silver Sky: Silver & Blue eye makeup inspiration

Hi guys,

When it comes to silver eye shadows, I usually use them as highlighters but today, I wanted to do more with my silver eye shadows, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I got the inspiration for this look.

Silver is a tricky colour – it can be tacky, it can be cheap and it can be messy if done wrong. since it is one of such colours that reflect against light, it can come a bit too strong. But for this look, I wanted the silver eye makeup to be soft, fresh and youthful as well.

For this makeup, I used the following tools:

17 Photo flawless primer

Mary Kay concealer

Maybelline dream matte foundation

Flori Roberts pressed powder

Zaron blush

Mary Kay Cream and sugar lip gloss

The silver and blue eye makeup gives a soft look
The silver and blue eye makeup gives a soft look

To get this look, you must go easy on the silver eye shadow. I applied the silver eye shadow on the lower eye lid just once. I chose a lightly shimmer sky blue eye shadow which I applied on the crease and a little above the crease to help define my eyes. This shade of blue brought out the softness in the silver and to achieve the fresh, youthful look, I applied a little silver shadow on the inner corner of the eye, while I softly lined my lower eye lid with the blue shadow. Because I wanted to keep this look simple and fresh, I only thinly applied my Maybelline Eye Drama gel eye liner on my eye lids.

Because simple was what I was going for, I did not use my contour kit this time around but applied my Zaron blush in likewise manner as I would my contour kit. I simply sink in my cheeks and apply blush along my cheek bones. The Mary Kay Cream and Sugar lip gloss was a perfect choice to finish off my look.

Am keeping it fresh
Am keeping it fresh

I found an even perfect shadow shade that is a mix of silver and blue in my eye shadow palette to use as highlighter for my brow bone.

This look is youthful, clean and fresh. I enjoyed wearing this makeup today.






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