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Satin lips that speak

Hi guys,

While I know that satin lipsticks give sheer, soft finish, the satin I am referring to in this post is actually for shade. My inspiration for this post came from my now favourite lipstick MAC Satin Myth lipstick which is one lipstick that goes from runway to the streets. Though near nude, it is quiet a statement lipstick shade that takes proper wearing and the right lips. If you have big lips, this might be a bit risky but with good blending with other shades, you will absolutely love it.

I have always envied Nikki Minaj at the way she wears bold lipsticks and while I know not the name of lipstick she had on, I love this lipstick on her the most.

Picture courtesy http://www.multiculturalbeauty.amazon.com

I love the way it blends with her skin tone but since I am not as fair skinned as she is, it takes some tweaking. Which is exactly what I did while making up the model for this month’s E-zine cover:


At applying MAC Satin Myth on the model, it looked offish but after blending with another shade of gloss which was Sleek honeycomb high shine lip gloss, this was my result:


So, don’t let the lipstick put you off; it is totally wearable when combined with a much softer, cooler shade.

Here is how the MAC Satin Myth looks on its own:


I absolutely adore this lipstick! It is creamy, soft and lasts the entire day. To be safe, go easy on the eyes so that the lips make your statement part of your entire makeup look. Though subtle, the lips are strong enough to move from day to night.

But if this shade scares you, go for Kiko lipstick 78


This KIKO lipstick 78 is equally creamy, soft and lasts the entire day. It is a much softer version of MAC satin myth lipstick and comfortably goes from day to night.

So, looking to make a statement with your lips, go satin.


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