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Rosemary: Positive mind & body

Rosemary leaves

As a herb lover, I almost cannot cook without herbs as they not only give food pleasant aromas that are good to the senses but possess medicinal values. I have always used rosemary in my meals and the oil in all the organic skincare products that I use. I began brewing the dry leaves which many of us use in cooking into teas and drinking it this year because I found out that rosemary is great for the brain. I found out too after weeks of drinking rosemary tea that the mental fatigue and fog that I had felt for months gradually diminished to a clearer mind that could remember just about anything. And what’s more, I was always in a good mood and realized that my ability to cope with stress grew. Little did I know that taking rosemary reduces the cortisol hormones produced during stress, making it much easier to manage stress.
Just by drinking the tea alone which you can make daily by buying dry rosemary leaves from the condiment section of any departmental store and steaming in a sauce span with a cup or two of water and bringing to boil, you would be doing your brain a whole lot of good. Rosemary boosts the brain and its ability to remember things. I realized that I could remember long forgotten events or memories from the past.

My ability to cope with stress and mental alertness is so heighten that I am much more organized than I used to be. 

Rosemary is also an anti oxidant so it boosts one’s immune system as well as gives relief to indigestion. 

Rosemary & basil tea

Rosemary is also anti – inflammatory as such gives relief to the skin by treating rash, eczema and some other common skin rash. It also helps to relief pain and aches as such the oil can be used in massage to relief aches and pain.

To make rosemary oil, bring almond oil to a boil in a crockpot, add fresh rosemary leaves and steam for three to five minutes. Besides its therapeutic value, rosemary oil can be used in the treatment of hair loss and while it can be applied directly to scalp, it can also be mixed with shampoos and hair conditioners.

If you love to make organic lotions, then adding rosemary oil to your ingredients enriches the lotions as rosemary oil is great for the skin and even helps to relieve dry skin.

Got a mouth odour? Rosemary tea can rid mouth odour and give fresh breath. 

Rosemary oil makes for a great fragrance for your home. As fragrance oil, you can sprinkle it on pot pourri or any dry decorative plants you have in your home and on furnitures. You can even add it to your hand wash and hand lotion in bathrooms for a therapeutic effect that energizes the senses.

To get a head start daily, I start each day by drinking rosemary herb tea first thing in the morning. It sets me in a positive mood that gets my brain active and alive. Go try it!

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