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Recycling: From H&M T-shirt to Kids throw pillow

This is why we must teach our kids the values of recycling.

Three days ago, my soon-to-be six year old son came home with a project to turn any of his old clothes into a throw pillow and I was so puzzled that I delayed a bit in starting the project because I kept asking myself for what purpose this project sought and of course, if I would be able to execute it.

Second day, after frequent hounding from my son, I decided that I would use his old T-shirt so I went to his wardrobe and I found a set of H&M Basics T-shirts I had bought three years ago. He had long stopped wearing them; in fact, one had bore a hole in it so I took that one. After much contemplation, I decided to cut off the sleeves and the neck all together. And then I got my sewing kit and I started stitching the edges with the needle. After that was done, I was left with one opening so I stuffed it with the sleeves and neck of the shirt that I had cut off, added some foams and stitched the opening. It was while doing this that an idea struck me to accessorize it a bit as it looked boring in my eyes. So I took the belt off an old blouse of mine and stitched it around the edges. The finished work surprised me a lot!

My kids were asleep when I completed the throw pillow project. As at this morning when I showed them the handy pillow, they were surprised and excited at the sight. My daughter was fascinated by it and was already requesting that we both made one for her as she’s very handy and creative.

I sincerely never saw this project as an opportunity to teach my kids the values of recycling but am glad that this is the lesson that we all have learnt.

We own this earth and each of us is responsible for protecting this earth. So before you discard anything, ask yourself if such an item could be used for other purposes. And you will be amazed by the result.



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