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Ready Set Gorgeous in Summer Heat

I came back to Lagos, Nigeria heat just a few days ago after months away vacationing. I went from enjoying a cool, winter-like fall weather to walking into real African heat. Thankfully, I had purchased my Cover girl Ready set gorgeous powder foundation before leaving Canada for Nigeria.

There are many reasons why I love powder foundations; and one of such is for its texture and formulation. Powder foundations are foundations that when applied to the skin – it could be presented as a liquid, cream or powder texture – it dries in the form of powder to present a much matte finish. Powder foundations are great because they combine both foundation and powders into one thus saving you time and money. Powder foundations like Cover girl ready set gorgeous powder foundation even makes is better when it offers an oil free matte look that keeps shine at bay, gives you light to medium weightless makeup coverage and lasts long for hours. What else can you want in a makeup product?

Knowing that I was returning to Africa’s summer heat which is all year round in Nigeria, I had also bought Cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer as well. And to create a simple gorgeous matte look, these two are all you need.

Cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer & powder foundation

So naturally, after cleansing your face and moisturizing, you apply primer and then the concealer underneath your eyes. You then apply the powder foundation all over your face. And then you can complete your look by applying eye makeup, blush and then lip makeup. It is quite simple and quick but you will get the beautiful look that you desire.

You can follow with a finishing powder to set the makeup and to mattify your face for even longer wear or you spray on finishing spray to make the look last longer. Either way, your gorgeous look will last even longer for several hours. 

Go try a powder foundation today and give me your verdict. Mine is 4 out of 5 because it was a struggle to find my matching shade which might pose a challenge to women of color. 


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