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Quick makeup for the office Christmas party

Compliments of the season everyone!

If you have been following this blog, you will observe that I have been posting about quick and easy makeup using minimal makeup tools. The need for quick makeup fix was necessitated when I became a nursing mother once again and with limited time on my hands, I still wanted to look fabulous without spending too much time in front of the mirror.

The Yuletide is here and I know office parties are being held and since our busy lives gives us little time, I decided once again to make use of the minimal tools I now carry in my makeup purse to show you that you can look fabulous under 5 minutes. This really happened to me just last week and this is the look I opted for:


I love this look so much – with my new hair – oh yes! – that I made this my Facebook profile picture!

For this look, I relied on my makeup purse – remember the content?


I used Mary Kay Timewise matte liquid foundation, Mary Kay ‘cranberry’ cream blush that I used on my cheeks and lips; this time, I ditched the Zaron lip gloss. I wanted to show you how subtle but lovely this Mary Kay Cranberry cream blush could be on the cheeks and lips and eyes.

For my eyes, I added Flori Roberts ‘black magic’ eye liner. Pls pardon the image quality


here’s my step by step guide to creating this subtle but fabulous makeup for the office party


I started by lining my eyes with the Flori Roberts black magic eye liner. I drew it to create a minimal cat eye like this:


I lined my eyes before applying the Mary Kay cranberry cream blush on my eyes because cream makeup can be delicate and tend to rub off when disturbed so I always line my eyes before applying cream makeup.
To create a subtle contouring, I lined the crease of my eyelid with same eye liner before smudging it with the smudge brush end of the eye liner like so:


When you do the same with both eyes, apply mascara, and cream blush on both cheeks and lips.

This look is so easy, you can complete it in 5 minutes and still feel fabulous about yourself.

Tell me if this works for you, am happy to hear from you.


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