BULGARIAN ROSE functions as a detoxifier, exfoliant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. Anti-oxidant rich, its healing power is immense that it clears acne, eczema, scars and dermatitis and gives youthful, clearer skin. We have made this face cream with the rose oil, rose hip and rose water. This face cream has been made even richer with pure goat milk and is rich in AHA – Alpha hydroxy acid which tackles free radicals, softens the skin and clears the skin. Enriched with frankincense, vitamin E and a host of natural goodness, this face cream reduces wrinkles and fights the signs of aging. Expect beautiful, brighter, glowing face that is youthful and supple.

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Cultivated in the Bulgarian Rose Valley, The Bulgarian Rose is cultivated for its healing properties and not for its sheer beauty. Ingredients include Bulgarian rose extract, rose extract, rosemary extract, frankincense extract, carrot seed oil, rosehip extract, tocopherol.

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