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Product review: Kids organics hair softening system

Tame your child’s hair with hair softening system that works!

My daughter’s hair is extremely tough. One could never really comb through it without her crying. She dreaded braiding her hair. Many African kids have this tough texture of hair. Perhaps, you know it best as kinky hair. Tough hair is characterised by dryness and lack of moisture. This type of hair is high maintenance. So, you can imagine my excitement when I came across Kids Organics hair softening system for kids. When I applied it on my daughter’s hair, I found it did not contain such harsh chemicals that relaxers contain; rather, what you feel and smell is olive oil! It takes less than 7 minutes to apply and you could wash it instantly, rather than wait for longer. The end result? The hair becomes soft and stays soft. I now use it myself.

Kids, especially, young toddlers should have relaxers applied to their hair because it damages their scalp. Why don’t you go the natural way and nourish their hair with olive oil in stead?

*my daughter’s hair after Kids Organics Hair Softening System

To continuously maintain the new soft hair, apply shea butter every time you groom the hair. Please, keep me posted on how this product functioned.

2 responses to “Product review: Kids organics hair softening system”

  1. Will my daughter still keep her natural texture ?

  2. The texture will change to a silkier one

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