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Product review: Black Opal True flawless skin liquid foundation

Meet the new Black Opal True Flawless Skin liquid foundation –


Black opal true flawless skin liquid foundation

This product is:

Very smooth and creamy-liquid
It is oil free and fragrance-free
It is light weight
It is flawless
It is full coverage

Prior to testing this product, I had never used Black Opal foundation before because it didn’t look or feel glamorous enough – my opinion. But I was quiet excited when I saw that quiet a number of Black Opal products had been rebranded and new ones introduced into the market. Last year, I began selling Black Opal Ultra Matte Fix pressed powder, which is oil free, with a matte finish. I was quiet impressed with the feedback I received from customers. So today, I decided to test out a variety of Black Opal products.

I used:
Black Opal invisible oil blocking mattifier
Black Opal spots & scar eraser concealer
Black Opal True Flawless Skin liquid foundation
Black Opal Ultra Matte Fix pressed powder


True to its label, the foundation is soft, smooth and creamy. It is so easy to blend. It truly did help with shine control and quiet long lasting because even at bed time when I went to shower, the makeup remained on my face, with very minimal shine. I am excited about makeup for women of colour because they understand our skin better than most top brands. And the reasons are simple:

For we Black women, our skin is usually very oily, which is one area that makeup for women of colour are able to provide – the matte finish that our skin can hold for long, long hours.

Secondly, we tend to have uneven skin tone which is where makeup for women of colour come handy.

And lastly, our weather in Africa is hot, and as I have discovered with the many luxury makeup brands I have tried, not many of them are able to resist our weather. They feel glamorous and flawless in Western weather but are not able to withstand the African heat. Hence, the need for us as Black women to seek out makeup brands for women of colour. And the Black Opal True Flawless Skin liquid foundation turned out better than I had expected.


And my verdict? An impressive pass mark! You should give this product a try – I love the velvety, smooth feel on my skin.


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