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Product review: Black Opal concealer/foundation

Black Opal is a brand that is going obsolete in Nigeria owing to stronger brands like Flori Roberts, Iman and Mac. However, I still love the Black Opal concealer/foundation which provides total coverage and complete camouflage for all spots. This product also comes with a transparent, colourless oil-blotting powder that reduces shine from face. Here is how I combine this product with my Flori Roberts.

First, after cleansing and applying primer, I use the Black Opal concealer/foundation to camouflage my dark circles around my eyes and every spot on my face by dabbing it. [Always choose a concealer shade lighter than the spot]. Afterwards, I apply the Flori Roberts foundation and then the Black Opal transparent, oil-blotting powder with a powder brush before applying the Flori Roberts powder, which is also oil-blotting so you get to really reduce shine and get longer lasting makeup by combining the Black Opal concealer/oil-blotting powder with Flori Roberts cosmetics. So, don’t give up on Black Opal yet! Just give it a try!

Have fun with makeup!

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