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Press for Progress for women’s rights

Today March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Press for Progress and IWD is encouraging everyone – man or woman to take action to protect women’s rights and equality.

Personally, I have pledged to forge positive visibility of women by finding ways to make women more visible. We want more platforms for women in leadership positions – whether political leaders, economic or corporate leaders, religious leaders and communal leaders to be noticed and heard so that they could positively influence other women and people in general.

Celebrating IWD goes beyond sending cute messages to one another but gives us an opportunity to reinstate our resolve to empower one another. Do you have a special skill or talent that is worth sharing that can empower another woman? Then please do not hesitate in doing just that. When I see women in need, I do not just give them financial support but go as far as helping them gain skills in areas where they are passionate about so that they can be self-sustaining and are able to empower others down the line.

My pledge to make women more visible ties in with my 2018 New year resolution which is not to just give people, especially down-trodden women money but to empower them for life. This is why I am so passionate about this year’s press for progress.

We women must learn to look beyond the gossiping, the envy and jealousy to focusing rather on what matters most – and that is an empowered woman who can be a person of influence. Because like the old saying goes, “educate a woman and you educate a nation”. We are powerful as women and we must use our powers right.

Visit IWD and take action today! Press for progress at #PressforProgress

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