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Perks of online shopping: affordable fashion

Who does not love fashion that is affordable, accessible and hassle free? That is what online shopping offers shoppers worldwide. While I love traditional shopping of going from store to store to try out new fashion and accessories, I have realized that when you want to save big bucks on fashion, the internet is the best place to go.

I am in no way a fashionista; I like functional, conventional fashion but I also like clothing and accessories that are unique, ethnic and tell a story about their origin, culture and lifestyle. I am not addicted to any designer brand – I just like good quality clothes which is why when I travel to different countries, I like to take a piece of that country’s culture with me back home and how best can the people of any culture express themselves except through fashion, music and other modes of expression? I have found that the internet provides the best resource for indigenous designers who would otherwise not be able to afford the huge finances involved with large-scale marketing that international brands possess. Which is a plus for we shoppers because with the internet, you get exposed to unique, creative designs by up-and-coming designers, with products sold at very affordable prices. I know I was excited when I was first introduced to boohoo.com some years back and ever since then, I have enjoyed shopping unique, good quality fashion online at very affordable prices.

I guess the main challenges with online fashion shopping is that you must know your exact body size and know what suits you. You really have to know the fashion that is right for you and play to your advantage when shopping for fashion online. Other than that, the benefits are boundless.

Personally, my biggest benefit of online fashion shopping is the affordability and the amount of money that I save, which gives me enough allowance to actually immerse myself in my host environment and spend good money in getting to know the culture, the people and the lifestyle of my host environment. I know people who travel to some place on vacation and do not get to enjoy the cultural and social enlightenment that comes with visiting a new country or city simply because they have budgeted all their money on buying the usual fashion brands that they are accustomed to in shopping malls. While big brands are great but – common, do not compromise the fun of getting intimate with your host city at the expense of fashion! Those clothes will fade but your memories last forever!

So, here is my advice for budget-friendly fashion shopping when on vacation:

Shop local designers online!

I take my own advice very seriously. So, I am still vacationing in Canada – Calgary to be precise. I have visited the malls, and I must say, I love the Chinook shopping center. So, knowing that I am going to be in this town for over a month, I went searching online for local fashion and came across zulily.com which offered a wide variety of affordable fashion, accessories and a whole lot of stuffs. Of course, I saved good money that allowed me to combine these ”no name” items with the high end products from the mall. So, in the end, I had a variety of items to mix and match.

Here are some shoes I got online each under 50 CAD (Canadian dollars)!

So, tell me, what has been your latest affordable online fashion purchase? And were you pleased with the outcome? Because I love all the shoes that I bought.


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