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Perfect brow duo

I have used several tools and products in grooming my brows over the years. I started out by using brow pencils and moved on to brow powder which I applied using brow brushes; I have used retractable brow liners and more. I recently started using Milani felt tip tint pen in shade of dark brown and Cover girl brow & liner powder. 

Milani brow tint pen & Cover girl brow powder

I love the Milani brow tint pen for its slim but steady felt tip which lines brows perfectly well and give brow shapes precision. The texture of the liner itself is light, gel-like which is easy to apply and easy to wipe off as well. Unfortunately it doesn’t fill the brows that well, which is why I had to supplement it with Cover girl brow & liner powder. 

Just as the name implies, Cover girl brow & liner powder is a powder in a small tube and with long full but small brush that is ideal for filling brows. I found the perfect shade of dark brown in this product, which is a perfect match to my skin tone than the Milani brow tint pen. While the Cover girl brow & liner powder fills the brows perfectly well, its fat brush makes it not ideal for lining brows as it can be messy with the powder puffing off with every stroke. 

But I love the duo so much that I pair them together for the perfect brows.

My verdict for both products is 4 out of 5 and I got value for my money. 

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