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Party look & smokey eye effect with shimmer cream shadow


I love the smokey look and I love glamorous eyes for a night out so for this makeup, I blended the two. I used 17 shimmer cream shadow for this makeup and to apply, I used my littlest finger.

Tips on applying cream eye makeup:

If you desire to line your eyes with eye liner or pencil; or like me, want to combine the smokey look with cream shadow, then you must line the eyes before applying cream shadow else, the eye liner will not be seen after drawn.

Plus, you do not need to apply powder shadow over cream shadow because if properly applied, cream shadow sits on the skin and can last.

To apply cream shimmer eye shadow, apply a little of the cream at a time and please, do not rub too much else you rub it off entirely.


Cream shadows are easier to apply as you only need your finger and none other tool. Give a try, you’ll love it.

2 responses to “Party look & smokey eye effect with shimmer cream shadow”

  1. This is such a pretty look! I love your blog it’s very inspirational and I love the fact that you are representing Nigeria as im Nigerian myself! x

  2. Thanks Nicole, You have been an inspiration, I must say.

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