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Nuts about … Nuts!

Hi guys,

My third post on this month’s E-zine issue is all about nuts!


Nuts can be misunderstood. People who do not understand the important role of nuts on our health or skin avoid nuts because they think it aids weight gain. Except you are allergic to nuts, you should not totally avoid nuts as you need them in fulfilling your balanced diet regime which is needed for good health and skin.


For this post, we will be dwelling on healthy nuts that help our body the most. Our skin is precious, but as we age, we lose elasticity caused by reduction in collagen. Your skin depends on collagen because it gives the skin structure. By giving the skin such support, it provides firmness and strength. However, as you age, your body tissues lose firmness, which causes wrinkles and this happens because your production of collagen naturally drops.

To fight aging, we depend on a balanced diet rich in essential minerals, antioxidants and most importantly, Vitamins A, C, E.

The role of vitamin C in collagen production:
Because vitamin C rids free radicals, the anti oxidants it contains aids the production of collagen by the mere function of removing those threats that might damage your body. So think of Vitamin C as your knight shielding your collagen and your skin in the long run.

The role of vitamins A & E in collagen:
Both vitamins A & E contain anti oxidants responsible for cell production and renewal as such, they help maintain a healthy skin. Guess what food contain these anti oxidants? Nuts!

Why you must be Nuts!

Nuts contain essential properties that aid the production of collagen. Nuts like almonds contain vitamin E which maintains good skin. Almonds itself are good for the heart. Nuts like walnut not only help your skin but can actually reduce your chances of cancer. What you must know is that heart friendly nuts are the most health friendly nuts around so not only are you benefiting from having good skin, you are preserving your health as well.

Heart friendly nuts to try:

And cashews.

The multi functional benefits of nuts

As earlier mentioned, nuts play an important role in skin health by aiding collagen production as a result, fighting aging. Nuts are also heart friendly, containing healthy amount of fats and oil that help our body. This fat and oil in nuts are not totally harmful but are useful in giving the skin much needed shine and suppleness, especially in dry skin or aging skin; as well as give our hair shine and softness.

If you are so concerned about the fats in nuts, eat only a healthy amount like a handful and you are good for the day. You could enjoy a much richer diet by combining nuts with your cereals.

Go nuts for nuts today!


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