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November blog magazine: Love me naturally!


November blog magazine



Hi guys,


how are you doing? Looking and feeling beautiful, I bet! Am happy to be back to blogging as I have been experiencing writer’s block; hence my late submission. I have been very busy conducting training sessions that it sapped my brain out. Well, I am taking it easy this month and treating concerns of natural beauty and natural makeup. While I adore makeup, I believe in natural looking makeup that is flawless and light weight. Over the course of my career, I have met countless women, who loved the simple ness of the natural look so much that they have had to avoid wearing makeup completely. Well, I can say to you that you can still wear makeup while looking natural.


in this month’s issue as well, I am writing some home truths about how our style affects our relationship, especially with the significant other and why some of us might be afraid of the truth, hence; the topic ‘When plain Jane loses her man to the material girl’ It makes fun reading.


so, please, do follow me this month on this posts and tell me exactly how you feel about them.


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