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Nigerian Bridal makeup: the elegant bride

Hi guys!

How you doing? Charming beautiful, I bet! 😘

I had a bridal job for a destination wedding a while back; it was a fun and exciting weekend away.

My bride is an elegant but simple girl who has a flawless natural beauty and one who wanted minimal makeup. What I have learnt over the years is to respect my clients’ wishes and never to impose myself or my ideas on them. I believe that your client must be comfortable with the makeup, just as in fashion, so that they don’t feel pressured to be somebody they aren’t. I have worked with unreluctant or confused clients before but I have always gently nudged them in the right direction without over powering their personalities. I believe that gentle nudging is the most effective way to push a client to go a little out of their comfort zone without diminishing their personalities or self confidence. 

Here is how my bride turned out for the traditional Nigerian wedding:

The makeup was simple but elegant just as she is.

I hope that makeup artists would learn to listen to their clients rather than listen only to their own voice.



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