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New Hair cut; New hair care

Hi guys,
How y’all doing? It’s been a while since I have blogged or enjoyed communicating with friends in the blogosphere; I have been mighty busy. I recently opened a hair salon and all natural spa; it’s been exciting but definitely challenging. But am glad to be here.

Anyways,  two months ago, I went out on a whim and cut my hair short. It wasn’t more of the need to change my look but my frustration with constantly texturizing my hair. Weaves and other forms of extensions no longer appealed to me.


I guess, I, like most African women are starting to embrace our natural hair. In the past, we saw our hair as bad hair but the modern African woman is a strong, confident and successful woman who is very proud of her heritage and embracing her roots even more as new techniques and systems are developed for managing African hair.

We are also fighting for a voice in popular culture which leans towards sleek, straight hair, which are found in weaves and hair extensions. We are simply saying that we are not our hair and that our hair is a cultural representation of who we are as a people,  culturally and style wise.


Anyways, keeping our hair natural comes with a lot of responsibility and here are a few ingredients to look out for:

Morroccan Argan oil, shea butter,  coconut oil and olive oil. When buying hair products like shampoo, conditioners and treatments, always look out for these ingredients. At my salon, we have our own salon mix which contains natural and locally made shea butter enriched with Morroccan argan oil and coconut oil. This treatment nourishes the hair, lubricates the hair for total moisture, strengthens the hair and grows weak, thinning hair.


I personally make this mix and we apply this treatment on all clients regardless of hair style. It is especially useful on hair that will be under weaves for weeks.

I recently discovered Morroccan argan oil enriched shampoo and conditioner that we use on clients as well;


These products give the hair soft, silky texture with much needed moisture.

Periodically,  it is recommended that you wrap your hair. I personally do honey and milk hair wrap. If you have pure coconut milk, mixing it with honey and wrapping your hair for twenty minutes even without heat, helps the hair, especially weak,  thinning hair.

You can also do an egg white and honey hair wrap as well. Your natural hair would be softer,  fuller and longer.

I must say that while I encourage natural hair, I don’t think it’s for everyone. If you don’t have the time to nurture your hair, don’t even bother because to keep natural hair, you must care for it.

I don’t know how long I will keep this hair but I am definitely not going back on my natural hair.

Cheers guys!

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