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Welcome to My Musings for Friday inspired by Aretha Franklin & Michael McDonald song – “Ever changing times”

Aretha Franklin and Michael McDonald ever changing times
This song always speaks to me and it did just a few minutes ago while listening to it on the radio. I love it so much that I had to go watch the live Grammy performance on YouTube.

I guess like many of us, you have your dreams but are unable to attain such dreams and wondering if you would ever be able to live such dreams. I have been there – confused, frustrated and sometimes depressed. But I made up my mind to take little steps closer to my dreams each day by setting up action plans and short victories. Sometimes, we must overcome our excuses and the mentality that is holding us back to take a few steps closer to actualizing our dreams.

So stop procrastinating, get researching, start reaching out to those that can help and more importantly, stop thinking that you can’t do it and then, spread out your wings and fly!


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