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ENE Naturals Skin Lightening Cream

Natural skin lightening cream for the face and body by Nigerian organic skincare brand, ENE Naturals. This soft, creamy body cream contains almond oil, coconut oil, water, orange extract, 2% kojic acid, Rosemary oil, glycerin, vitamin E and lavender oil. This product is 100 hundred chemical free.

This is not a bleaching cream but a skin brightening and lightening cream that makes use of both orange extract and only 2% kojic acid to gradually exfoliate your skin while giving you a natural radiance. Your skin will be lighter and the combo of orange extract and kojic acid will fade out dark spots as well.

This product is suitable for all skin type. For skin that is extremely dry, we include Shea butter as well to keep the skin lubricated and moisturized for longer. The color of the cream with Shea butter is not white as shown in the picture but cream-colored.


Ene Naturals

Natural skin care and hair care brand for African skin and hair, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable business practices.

5 thoughts on “ENE Naturals Skin Lightening Cream

  1. This cream is not only natural skin lightening but anti aging as well. 100% natural. No side effects. It is also economical. Thank you for introducing this cream to me. I have a flawless skin.

  2. Just got introduced to your black soap&cream and I love,love,love them!The soap is gentle on my face/skin and the cream moisturizes deeply. My kids even love the smell of the cream as well(they said it smells like bubble gum lol).My skin is smoother and brighter.Thanks again Ene…Welldone!

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