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Natural cure for diarrhea in kids and why antibiotics may be bad for kids


I made a decision years ago to treat my children’s common illnesses with herbs because I did not want to expose them to too much intake of antibiotics, which is very prevalent in Nigeria. The average Nigerian abuses drugs a lot – most especially antibiotics because we self-medicate a lot. To worsen things, attendants at pharmacies who are not trained professionals have turned themselves into pharmacists and doctors, and prescribing drugs they have no business prescribing. The dearth of the health sector in Nigeria became imminent when I visited a pharmacy years back to buy a cough syrup and the attendant/auxiliary nurse insisted I bought an extremely high potent antibiotics to treat my child’s cold as he felt cough that had lasted for more than four days needed antibiotics. I walked out of that pharmacy and never returned there ever again.

I understand that as parents, we do not like to see our kids in pain and that we would do anything to quicken recovery. In Nigeria, once a child starts coughing or sneezing, parents buy antibiotics and so do they buy wrongly prescribed antibiotics for illnesses like vomiting, diarrhea and what have you? In the end, rather than help our kids, we are actually weakening our kids’ immune system.

Conditions like cold or flu need to run their course; and without proper diagnoses from a pediatrician, and not necessary a GP, we might be medicating our kids wrongly. I have learnt a lot about antibiotics and I have found out that antibiotics actually do not work on some viruses but bacteria. I also found that continuous dependence on antibiotics makes the system resistant to bacteria infections and is why they do not seem to be working on your kids after a while.

As a concerned parent, you need to find out more about antibiotics here.

Studies have shown that bacteria infections are becoming more resistant to antibiotics like ear infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, meningitis, amongst others simply because the human system has been over exposed to antibiotics. On this blog, you will find natural cure for diverse conditions and today, I will be sharing a tip on treating diarrhea without using antibiotics.


Toddlers are susceptible to diarrhea because they touch things and pick objects from places that end up in their mouth whether hygienic or not. We practically cannot keep up with our kids to track their movements and where exactly infection might have entered their body. Diarrhea is a terrible condition because it dehydrates the kids, make them weaker and very uncomfortable. The first step to treating diarrhea quick and easy is in noticing it when it first starts. If you are the unobserving type, then you must change and begin keeping diary of what your kids eat, where they have been and when a change, even the slightest begins in them. Do not wait until your child’s loose bowel has gone into days because dehydration is very bad for kids.

To treat diarrhea, all you need is garlic and milk. You can choose to use raw garlic or garlic flakes and powder. So what you do is bring milk to boil over medium heat; you could use liquid milk or mix powder milk with water and bring to boil. You do not need that much – just a table spoon of powder milk will do. Make sure the liquid constituent is about 50ml. As the milk boils, add half teaspoon of garlic powder or garlic flakes into the milk and boil slowly. Stir while on heat and allow the milk and garlic to boil for a minute. Bring down from heat and allow to cool. Give it to your child when it turns Luke warm.

Garlic has multiple healing qualities and part of the reason is because it is a natural antibiotic and is why it can be used to treat cold and flu viruses, skin conditions and diarrhea in kids. For kids under three years, giving them this medication 5ml thrice daily will help. You can make it 10ml for kids older. You will notice change by end of the first day. And during this time, give the child lots of water and oral rehydration therapy.

Let me know if this helps.


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